Patrice Lambert


Work like charm and you truly feel a science fiction vibe when using it. They should really provide better documentation for adherence to the build plate. They should deliver with proper masking tape and alcool so user don't loose 2 hours trying to get a first print going. After that is out of the way, grab anything on Thingiverse and print!!!!!

Jay Kay


I want to start by saying this is a solid printer and i am most likely an unusual case. I received my assembled printer in good condition. I got it up and running in about an hour and successfully printed small great quality objects. But when trying to print larger models I ran into to technical difficulties. Luckily the technical team was helpful.



I bought a play, and I'm absolutely loving it.The assembled play was out of the box and printing in 2 hours

T. Nguyen


This is a great entry point in Printrbot's line of 3D printers. Unlike other printers at its price point, the Printrbot Play has top grade high resolution components and functionality, using the same extruder and hotend that Printrbot sells across all of their printers.

The assembled version comes ready to print out of the box, after removing packing foam and setting up Cura on the desktop. There's a bit of a learning curve, but no additional assembly unless you wanted to use the included filament mount.

Printrbot recently released a set of upgrades to the Play, including a heated bed, an extended Y-Axis upgrade (which increases print space 4" more in the Y direction), and a heated bed for that upgrade as well. The new Gear Head extruder from Printrbot should support the Play as well, keeping it at the same level of performance as its heftier cousins.

Robert B Keehn


Amazing 3D printer. Easy to setup and ready to print in almost no time at all. Print quality is great for such an entry level printer.