Dennis Mabrey


I am a fan of Printrbots. I've built Printrbots in the past and like how economical they are. However I experienced some issues with the Play Assembled version.

1. Printer came without any power adapter or any other accessory listed in the BOM (power adapter, usb, delran spacer, test print) except the spool holder. I contacted Printrbot and they g

ot right back to me with an apology and immediately shipped the power adapter on same day.

2. Printer is pre-assembled but it was not properly built. The 1/4" acme coupler to the Z axis was installed way too high on the drive shaft. The extruder could never get close the print bed because the X axis switch was hitting the acme coupler. (This might explains why there was no 'test' print that the BOM said was included with pre-assembled Printrbot Play's).

3. The auto-leveling probe was supposed to be set properly. The probe was set way too low and I eventually had to re-adjust it (no biggie).

4. The printer I received appears to be an "older" model. The directions for removing the fan guard to adjust the auto-leveling probe showed thumb screws but the screws on the fan guard are hex heads. The direction states that some of the older printers did not have thumbscrews but hex screws.

5. The wiring for the extruder hangs down in such a way as to interfere with the print bed when the y-axis is moving. I will need to adjust the wiring.

6. Sometimes the X axis doesn't seem to recognize when it moves to the home position. It will start to grind trying to push the X-axis home switch.

The good news is I am able to get a decent print after resolving most of the issue above (see photos). I luckily had a spare power adapter (12V/6A) from my other Printrbot so I could get right to printing. Printrbot sent me an email within a short period of time telling me they will ship me a new one.

I've built both the Printrbot Simple 2014 and the Simple Metal before (both very good economic printers). I ordered the Play assembled simply because of a lack of time (and I've done it before).

So it wasn't that I could not fix these problems but I think some of these would confuse (and upset) someone who expected it to be fully functional out of the box. Especially the lack of a power supply that's just flat out wrong.



Hey, maybe you're considering this printer, when I got it there were not many reviews out there, so I am adding some positive marks for this machine. I think this printer is considerably better than the Up! plus 2 and Afinia printers I have worked with in the past. It's faster, more precise and quite nice for the low price. I've been using it for just a few days now, so we will see how it holds up, but my sense is that printrbot has a winner here (if you don't mind a small build volume... I don't). I think this printer will overtake others in the market for plug and play, inexpensive high res FDM printing... Go for it!

Joseph B. Denny


Awesome little printer, very fast and relatively quiet. Much quieter than the simple makers kit and the simple metal (own both) The all metal construction makes it very sturdy and the small foot print sits nicely.

Can produce some very nice prints.

There is a lot you can do with the build volume, its small but if your creative with object placement you can cram a lot in there.


Mine was missing 2 of the rubber feet so it rocked back and forth pretty violently until I figured it out. (easy fix)

I have had to adjust my Z axis pretty regularly depending on the print, it doesn't seem to stay the same from one print to the next.

There was some issues with it feeding filament, easily fixed by marking the correct position for the extruder tension nut in sharpie.

Biggest complaint is the shroud over the hot end, i get that its supposed to be a safety feature but its literally the MOST annoying thing.

Changing filament is a nightmare dealing with the shroud. if you have to troubleshoot a feed issue be prepared to want to force ably rip the shroud from the printer and throw it out the nearest window.

James Jarvis


Unbelievably good printer, as a first time user, and by no means am I a computer-guy it was very easy to get set up and be able to print all sorts of objects within an hour of pulling the printer out of the box, for 400 bucks, you cannot beat this printer's precision and accessibility.

Jesse David


Excellent product. From unpacking, checking the website for the latest getting started instructions, and tentatively trying my first print, I had success. I would highly recommend this for newcomers to 3D printing. I did have to download a driver for Windows 7.1 but that took only a few minutes. I use 3M blue painters tape for the bed, Makerbot black PLA, and set z=-0.3 and my prints appear to be working well. There is still a lot to learn but I have had no issues so far. I look forward to making more things.