James Olendorf


The kit was fun to put together. It prints pretty well. Lots of little tweaks you can do and lots to learn at first. I've gotten many nice prints from it. I use PLA and Ninjaflex.



Calibrated and ready to go out of the box, didn't have to fiddle with settings. Was up and printing in about an hour.

Orphan Pillage


Product itself would be a great deal, however the kit was assembled wrong, wiring harness were switched around so they made the z axis very long and the y axis very short. So my print volume was restricted to only be 4 inches. Bent parts and bad components such as the fan mosfet on the board and the fan itself. Another side note, the way the spool holder works its possible the z axis will hit it and really mess things up

N. Schweitzer


This is my first 3D printer. I read quite a bit about all of the various printers out there, and decided to go with an assembled Printrbot Metal, as it had the right balance between price and convenience (i.e., no assembly).

Perhaps I'm lucky, but this thing has been working near perfectly from the moment I took it out of the box, with no additional calibration whatsoever. I simply plugged it in, followed the setup guide from the printrbot website, and started printing.

Michele Scorsipa


Just got my Simple Metal Printer up and running and I have to say WOW. There is some serious quality in this machine. It comes with all you need to get up and running quickly, even some filament to get started. This bot is great for beginners and a high quality piece of kit for more experienced users.