Yasu T


This was my first 3d printer I ever purchased, everything worked perfectly out of the box and after a few hours of calibration I was able to start printing out parts for a large scale articulated hand (see picture). Super happy with my purchase and I likely will be buying a second soon.

Andrew Idsinga


This is a fantastic printer. worked right out of the box following the videos and online instructions for setup and printing the fan shroud with the supplied plastic. Easily as good as the makerbot we have at work. I've been using is printer with PLA plastic, repetier host, slic3r and freecad software on the mac. Printed many items successfully from thingiverse.



Nice to that is straight forward to setup. Make sure to review the instructions online at printrbot and youtube, while straight forward, there are some helpful tips to make it easier. Plan on a large learning curve and lots of experimentation to print consistently.

Chris DeFeo


I got my printer up and running within an hour i would definitely recommend this product to anyone. It also comes with a small spool a clear ABS plastic, it will last you a while but i recommend you order more plastic when you order the printer.

John Reeves


After following the setup instructions very carefully, and a couple of test prints to adjust the Z home, it worked really well and my first items all printed without difficulty.