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Not always the case but mine was pretty much working "out of the box". Make sure you watch all the videos for the software setups. Do yourself a favor and get a few accessories. http://www.amazon.com/In-line-power-switch-2-1mm-barrel/dp/B00KLDPX8U (got mine from adafruit at https://www.adafruit.com/product/1125). This will give you a switch to turn off the printer without unplugging things. Get some filament... I have tried and found the Hatchbox filament on amazon to work very well.

However the filament holder arm that comes with the printrbot will not fit hatchbox spools. The hatchbox filament holder is not that much and if you have prime it is free shipping. Only needed if you are using their filament. It will work for other brands as well. I sit it next to my printer and run it over the arm provided to feed down into the extruder.

If you have a raspberry pi or have been curious about playing with one the grab one with a decent SD card and the camera. Then lookup octopi octoprint and have fun. By building out an octopi setup you can have prints run independent of your laptop/desktop computer. It is also possible to setup Octopi to be reachable remotely via the web if you want to be able to monitor/cancel print jobs from afar. You shouldn't leave your prints... but anything real fun will likely take hours... so it is one of those don't do it but pretty much every does kind of things. Octopi means you can keep tabs from your phone.

If you want to try and do it all from the raspberry pi then get a 2... otherwise a B+ works just fine. Get some painters tape (3" width makes it quicker to setup) or masking tape. The 3D print Removal tool that shows up in your amazon searches for pretty much any 3d printing is a worthy little tool. With it and a bit of patience I am able to get most prints off the bed without having to re-apply the tape. printrbottalk.com is your friend for help. Instructables also has a lot of specific help for this model, and 3d printing help in general.

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This kit is perfect for me. Very very rigid machine. Little disappointed with the Laptop power supply not included.



This is an exceptional value in a 3d printer. The all metal constructions is high quality and will last a long time. Take your time and follow the setup and configuration steps on the printrbot website and you will be up and running fairly quickly.

You must be comfortable downloading and configuring one of the freely available software packages to run the printer. It does not come with its own software per sec.

Again, the links are available on the web site. It took me a little while to figure out a set of settings that produced the best prints but patience is rewarded with great prints.

If you want simpler plug and print type experience there are other printers out there that offer this but if you are willing to tinker a bit then an open printer like this offers more options for software and future expansion.



When it works it works well, it is very sturdy and almost no play in any axis. I have owned this for about a week now and might have printed about 20-25 prints. My success rate is about 33% and the reason being the printer just gives up half way through the print. It stops does nothing and sometime just resets and homes all its axis over and over.

Done print ruined, I had several prints done upto 80% just to abort this way. After about 18 prints I had just another fail like this and then suddenly the Y axis lost its "bearing" it would home fine but any other command and it moved all the way to the very end. Mind you by this time I had flashed the board at least 3 times, more on that later, so much so that I attached a switch to the boot jumper.

This time when I tried to flash I got the dreaded "Blank check failed at 0x00000" error, effectively means that the board/MCU is done. Tried ICSP but did not connect to the controller. Have contacted printrbot for a new board. Will update this with the communication from Printrbot.

Printing results as follows:

Your chance of a successful print increases if using SD card USB is very unreliable.



Printer controller seems computationally under powered and all of the issues are due to this board.

2 stars are mainly due to the build quality but without a good controller board this printer is useless.