This printer is fantastic!

I have two other 3d printers (Makerbot Replicator [$3000] and Lulzbot Mini [$1300]). This one, despite its low price performs far more consistently than the others. We set it up with Cura, which is arguable less user-friendly than the tools offered by the other printers. However, once you get over the learning curve (takes about an hour), this machine will print anything you can throw at it!

The only downsides are the lack of a spool holder (which you can print out for yourself) and no on-unit interface (you have to have a computer connected at all times. I bought this for work, but am seriously considering getting one for home as well.

Jamie Walker


I cant express how impressed i am with this printer. I bought it last summer and in the time between then and now it cas come into its own with a little tuning and upgrading. i can proudly say that it prints just as well as 1-2 thousand dollar printers on the market and much faster too. I know this because I work with such printers in my club. These more expensive printers are harder to set up and harder to get printing well. The printrbot makes this easy with their tutorials and the printer's inherent simplicity. Thank you Printrbot!

J. Roberson


This is a great little printer for the price. I actually regret not getting the larger model, now, but I can always print some upgrades! I built my own original MakerBot Cupcake "back in the day" and, though it was fun, I never was really satisfied with it as it was just a PITA to get going. Plus it was noxious with all the ABS fumes. The new PLA is much better, but there is still a bit of toxicity (~1/10th of ABS supposedly) with it so make sure you have decent ventilation. I put a HEPA filter next to mine and it seems to help. Actually, I'm wondering when they will start adding scents to the PLA filament to cover it up. HA!

One problem though (-1 star). It looks like there might be some manufacturing defect with the base plate. There seems to be a "hump" in the top right edge if you are looking down at it while facing the print head. I had to do quick a bit of adjusting the base with some spacers to work it out but now that is done, it's working great. Incidentally there seems to be a lot of people that have the same issue in the same place so I expect there is some manufacturing problem that they might be able to correct at some point.

Minor gripe: Need a better way to remove clogs from the print head. I had one and I was lucky I had a small drill and enough experience to disassemble it (though there are assembly instructions available and you just go in reverse). I would recommend that they include a little drill bit to help drill out the problem (burnt plastic) if you can't just take off the nozzle and push it out.

Joseph Santarromana


This is the Assembled Metal Simple, its a great printer for the price. Works with Mac and PC. The Software is open source but you can purchase software if you like, Im tempted but Im pretty satisfied with the open source software (repeater and Sli3r) to make that jump yet. The print size is 6in x 6in x 6in I upgraded mine to print 8x8x10 made a big difference for me and I added a second fan for one of the motors which tend to run hot and stop printing on large prints. I would recommend this printer but if you know nothing about 3D printing expect there will be a learning curve.

Michael Bradley


Great for the price. Ive seen things like makerbot, reprap etc... they all use the same software, but its the hardware that makes the difference. This thing rocks for the price!!

I do a lot of mechanical design work, and I actually use it to print prototypes or partial prototypes to check size/fitment, prior to sending to manufacture.

Great part, no proprietary materials. I was going to get the dremel commercial unit, but heard of problems, as well as locked up software and spool materials.