I have now had this printer about three months. I print on it about three or four times a week. I have not tried to print anything to precise with it so I have not had to calibrate anything and have zero bad prints. It has easy to use and no hassle. I can't speak for the printers ability to print anything detailed but I would recommend this printer to anyone who does not want to tinker and just wants to print basic home stuff. I'm finishing up remodeling my new house and I used it to print stuff for the house - decorative wall trim pieces, door stops, light switch covers, electrical covers, decorative trim around pipes, decorative vent covers, applience wire manager, decorative doorbell cover, the piece that you grab onto to turn on the ceiling fan (not sure what it is called) and a bunch of other home type things. Now that I'm finishing remodeling my house I will have to find a new use for the printer. I will update my review when I do.

Ian De Jesus


The Printrbot is a great starter-to-casual start users. This printer requires a lot of patience (Hint: when exploring the 3D printing world, One must have great patience) to set up as well as to print. There will a lot of trial and error with this printer with extruding and filament alignment, but that struggle will help you in the future when you start investing more time. There a lot of support from the printrbot community and it has a microSD card slot for untethered printing (Lifesaver).

John G Gilliland


Love this little printer. I've been using this for over 6 months. I highly recommend upgrading to a heated bed. I also added a glass build plate and use hairspray as a bonding agent instead of blue tape. It makes printing a breeze and setup between prints much easier. It is a great entry point to 3D printing for the beginner.

Mechanically the printer is extremely accurate and smooth operating. Very well designed and well made. I'm very pleased with Printrbot as a company too.

I print mostly PLA which is great. With the heated build plate upgrade you can print with ABS, and Nylon. With a little extruder modification that you can print yourself, Ninjaflex is an option too.



Reflashing the firmware on the printer twice fixed all problems. Although it is supposed to be tested there may be issues on arrival. This is in addition to all the fine tuning you must do. I think Printrbot is good about letting you know that you have to do a lot of fine tuning. Support exists but is relatively slow.

Out of the box I have major problems. X-axis will not move. Motor makes a low whining sound but does not turn. Y-axis moves but not smoothly and will only reach home after 3-5 attempts. Motor makes grinding noises. Z-axis will go up 30-50mm. After that regardless of whether I tell it to go up or down it moves down.

I want to give Printrbot the benefit of the doubt but I don't see how this could have passed any tests. There seems to be major issues with the main controller board. I'm finding Printrbot's support rather confusing between printrbot.zendesk, help.printrbot and printrbottalk. I'm not sure where I'm suppose to go to actually get answers from someone who works at Printrbot.



Great printer for the price. Just needed some slight Z-Probe adjustments