Andrew Idsinga


This is a fantastic printer. worked right out of the box following the videos and online instructions for setup and printing the fan shroud with the supplied plastic.

Easily as good as the makerbot we have at work.

I've been using is printer with PLA plastic, repetier host, slic3r and freecad software on the mac.

Printed many items successfully from thingiverse.



My first printer, has been a very fun learning experience. The Z-Probe needed to be adjusted, but I got it dialed in to print 0.06mm layers at 45mm/s pretty well.

Clayton Merritt


I have wanted to own a 3D printer ever since I was first exposed to them as a senior in high school (10 years ago). It was all I hoped it could be! Printrbot prints things out just fine! It works with a a couple different filaments. PLA warps slightly, but its nothing a little bit of tinkering, or a heated bed, cant take care of! I haven't printed ABS yet and don't plan to as of right now.



Other thoughts:

Useful tools that you should have:

Overall: Happy with the print size, speed and quality. Happy that I purchased it!

Kevin Walton


I purchased this printer for home use in hobby and independent invention use.This is my first 3d printer and the unit has been an absolute pleasure to use. I had a nice online instructables guide via the vendor site for initial calibration and use. beyond the initial setup the printer was making some noises that I was not expecting while printing and could not find direct support answers on the company website that related to my concerns.

My Wishlist for PBHQ would be to expand on the depth of documentation for troubleshooting, periodic maintenance, and overall lifecycle management documentation for the machine. the user community is inelegant and I wish that they had selected to use a more common forum/community board product for user collaboration. I have found a lively community of users who have a generally positive attitude towards each other (or of all places), including guides and build logs for modifications, enhancements or alternate replacement parts sources.

PB HQ's support staff have been prompt, knowledgeable, and very concise in what information they needed to effectively support me, and then turn around and provide excellent guidance from the uploads to my support ticket. I am very happy with the overall quality, design choices, and customer relationship the vendor provides.

As a design choice, I believe the Z axis bed sensor is a great convenience and peace of mind when concerned with keeping the print head from gouging the bed, which apparently is a common risk outside of the PB inductive Z axis design. I have had issues with this sensor colliding with prints in progress that had warped, dislodging the delicate print and ruining the part. I feel that this issue is infrequent enough that I find more value in the Z axis sensor than I see disease with risk of a part warping in mid print, striking the sensor and dislodging the printed subject.

Small and fast prints seem to dislodge more often than not, and due to the momentum of the print bed and Y-axis carrige, very small items see an unacceptable amount of rounding and waviness. these issues are more my haste in printing as I have take the same files, slowed print head velocity and reduced the thickness per layer for more true to concept print results.

A well known upgrade step from the printrbot simple to the simple with heated bed requires quite a few bits of gear to be effective.

A headed bed replacment must be done (the base powder coated print plate is not appropriate). a Power supply upgrade must be done as the unit does not have a strong enough stock power supply to heat the bed and do its core functions. Printrbot HQ offers the power supply, a case to put the power supply into, and a spool holder that is suspended over the "power tower". it is up to the user to purchase the components and turn it back around into a stock equivalent finished product. I encourage Printrbot to sell an upgrade ready to go kit, or even more favorably, a turnkey replacement service where you ship them your unit and they send you back the upgraded machine with all the necessary recalibration completed.

Chris R


First i must say this is a Hobby item i.e it isnt something that will be perfect every time it has a learning curve . with that said i had a issue with the z axis coupler being stretched out of the box Printrbots customer service is awesome and promptly sent me out a new one no problems they even gave me some suggestions about settings . Also most people talk about using blue painters tape this works but i had a huge problem with almost every large print warping i switched to the regular tan masking tape by duck and have had perfect prints every single time also it is very important that you pay attention to the z axis calibration instructions or you will get alot of issues and finally with filiment hatchbox works best for me and each spool has a temperature suggestion . Be careful about your filament i purchased some glow in the dark Gizmo dorks and it is brittle like spaghetti thanks !!!