Michael J. Brierley


Amazing for the price. Only draw back is sometimes the product is not as smooth as expected. Could be the plastic being used. Nothing has come loose or needed tightening after several months. Two full reels of plastic has been used.



I started out knowing nothing about 3D printing. I purchased a book, which gave me a lot of insight about the process. I decided on this Metal Simple - assembled, and purchased it. It printed great for a few weeks and then the trouble started. Apparently these beds are slightly warped, which makes it nearly impossible to get a really good looking first layer. But I can deal with that, I said.

A few weeks later my prints were coming out terribly. After weeks on forums, I finally figured out it was simply the fact that my nozzle tip needed replaced ($8 a pop). Apparently they're only supposed to last 3 - 6 months, and I've been using mine for about 6 hours a day every day.

Finally got back up and running again and then the printer stopped in mid-print. The hot end would no longer turn on. For no reason at all. Currnetly trying to have Printrbot support diagnose what my problem is. This involved having to purchase an electrical meter to test resistance.

I'm no electrician and this scared me a little. I decided to dis-assemble the hot end from the printer and take it to Radio Shack to see if I could get a new set of wires to connect it to the printboard, in case it was a short in the wire. As I was disconnected, I snapped one of the extremely thin wires on the hotend, making it useless. That will be another $50 for me to replace that part.

Having owned this printer now for 8 moths, I will report it's only really been functional for about half the time. When it works, it works great and prints out some amazingly nice parts. But when it doesn't - it's headache after headache. Tinker, tinker, tinker. I've wasted severak $30 spools of plastic simply trying to make the printer work. I'm not stupid - I'm very computer literate - built my own PC. This printer really is meant for someone who likes to troubleshoot issues - because there will be a lot of them! I seriously doubt I'd buy Printrbot again, despite the glowing reviews all over the net.

Gerald Ellsworth


I am brand new to 3D Printing, and I was looking for a balance between good quality prints, ease of use, and reasonable price. After a lot of research I selected this one, and after a few weeks of use, I am extremely happy with my choice. After only a little bit of time to set up and calibrate, I was printing parts of surprisingly good quality.

The fun of 3D printing is how much there is to learn. This printer has allowed me to spend time enjoying learning the ropes of 3D printing, rather than struggling with the hardware. I have been recommending it to my friends that are also interested in getting started.

Salvador Spataro


This thing works. I has able to print in the first try.

Very solid and nice print quality.

It is not a paper printer. You must know what you are doing. Do your homework before starting and you will be able to extract a lot of fun from it.

Rob R


I am new to 3D printing and wanted something that I could use with my kids that didn't requires hours and hours of frustration trying to put together. I spent a lot of time reviewing printers and ultimately chose the Printrbot Assembled Metal Simple based on other reviews.

For $599 this is a steal. Many other printers go for double or triple this price but have gotten far worse reviews. The fact that it is fully assembled and already calibrated is a huge time saver if you are like me and just want to take it out of the box and start printing.

As I've found out however, getting a good print takes a lot of trial and error and tinkering. I followed the startup guide to print the 3mm box and it took some time to get it right. I spent a lot of time watching the filament bunch up under the nozzle or fail to stick to the bed. Ultimately I determined that I needed to lower the print temperature from 210c to 198c and play with the different z settings, but after a few days I finally was able to print out a filament spool holder I downloaded off Thingiverse.

This is definitely good if you want a new hobby or have kids that are interested in computer design.