Bruce G Woolever


Ordered it assembled, but it came unassembled. Kept it since it was so close to Christmas and was credited the price difference. It was my son's gift. Board was defective so had to return and still waiting for a replacement board. I hope it works when he finally gets to use it.

Mac Jaiviar


My first month with the printer. I’m posting this after owing it for 3 months. I’m extremely satisfied. One of my favorite features is the self leveling bed. I really can just push print with the correct settings and it prints 99% of the time.

I print PLA from Sainsmart at 200-210 depending on the color of filament. I use orange automotive painters tape from auto zone on the print bed. I selected it because it’s curing temp is well above 210 so i don’t have to worry about the heat from the filament effecting the tape.

Depending on model I will generally print 65mm/s speed with 1.2 for walls and base and a layer height of .3 generally. 0-25% infill depending on how strong the model needs to be. It’s important to note that my z offset may be different than yours. But adjusting .1mm for easy or difficult prints is a great technique. you’ll notice i had some x axis shifting. it was fixed immediately by tightening the correct belts… All in all printer prints.

I’m so happy with this purchase after my solidoodle nightmare.



I really wanted to love this printer. I have 2 other 3D printers including a Replicator 2 and a Printrbot Make that we built from a kit. Both of those are great. The Make is slow but prints nice. This printer produces horrible print quality despite trying every adjustment the book. Blobs and pits and stringy diseased looking prints.



Hands down an excellent 3D printer for beginners. I got this for Christmas and I've been using it non-stop to create all kinds of things. If you're new to the 3D printing world, this is the one for you. I can't say enough good things about this printer. It is compact, durable, and simple. The only possible drawback would be that there is an initial learning curve to get everything set up so that it consistently prints well.

Chris H


Great printer, works really well, once you get it working. I think they seriously let quality control slip for the holidays. On the first one I bought, the main board went out the first day. A transistor blew on the board. Tried to exchange through printrbot. They ultimately sent me what I needed, but it took over a week before they mailed the part. I was too impatient though and requested an exchange through amazon. received a new printer before printrbot got back to me. On that printer, the power plug just fell apart. Between the two printers, I managed to get a working one. THe other problem with the new one was the insulation on the hot end wasn't high enough. it stuck down below the extruder. I had to cut it back but filament still got stuck on it. almost ruined it over a long print, but it's been running great for a month now!