Daniel Lewis


Unfortunately after watching the videos and spending 3 hours on it, we could never get anything resembling what the video showed to print.

Matthew Sullivan


Got this for my son the budding engineer for Christmas. He is in HS going to University next year. He has made many semi-useful objects with it.

It has encouraged him to develop his CAD skills. He designs stuff using AutoCAD Inventor and then is able to print out what he designed on this printrbot. It works well and is fun to watch.

Robert E. Boulanger


For the first month and a half, everything went perfectly. I made some amazing things - the only thing I couldn't make was too big for the build plate. Cura is amazing, customizable software and I wouldn't use anything else (though it still needs some more tools like pause print and a print monitor with % and time left). If I reviewed it then, I would have given it 4 to 5 stars (maybe 4, because it's very customizable, but not user-friendly).

Then, one of my prints failed. After lots of troubleshooting, one of the hot end wires frayed. Printrbot sent me a new one. The wiring and bottom of the Printrbot are very awkward, so I had to attach the wire to the side of the plastic housing. I couldn't print for 15 days.

Two days later, one of my prints failed. This is new and I have no idea what's wrong. I couldn't move my axis' and when I tried to print, the motors made odd noises and the print head ran into my print bed, denting it. I don't know how long it'll take to fix, or if I can even fix it.

It's been so frustrating and stressful. I'm constantly worrying that my printer will break or a print will fail. Right now, I have a $600 source of frustration.

3D printers are at an awkward point - rising in popularity, but the price range is huge. $350 for a low-end model up to $1,350 for low/mid-range models. Even though the $1,350 models are double the price, I am tempted to try them if they will ALWAYS work. PLA is very cheap, so the printer is the main cost.

UPDATE: After breaking three times in a row, my Printrbot is fixed and working very well :-)

Nothing around its price point compares to the Printrbot, so I love it. I just wish it never broke those times.



Hard to use, but after reading a lot on the Web, I'm getting it. There are lots of things you can do that will dramatically affect print quality or even damage your printer... which for me is what makes it interesting! Great hobby tool for early adopters. Not yet ready for mainstream consumers to plug and play, but I was printing low quality custom pieces in only a few hours. I'm learning to improve quality every day. Fun tool

Teresa L


I'm super happy with the Printrbot Simple Metal. I have had it for about 48 hours and I'm having a blast printing with PLA.

I got it pre-assembled with heated bed which worked out really nice for me. No worrying about belt tension, end stops, reversed polarity, calibration, bed levelling and all that. The test cube printed perfectly the first time.

My previous experience was with a Makerbot at Techshop and that was not fun at all - levelling the print bed with every print, and making ABS rats nests.

For me this was the perfect intro 3d printer - capable of printing ABS and PLA out of the box, and a sub-$1k pricetag. I can't wait for their CNC!