Justifying the price of a 3D printer was a big hurdle in purchasing one, but after continued interest I decided to start researching which one would suit me. I kept coming back to the Printrbot Metal Simple. I like the simplicity, the design and kept hearing it’s great reliability.

I consider this a perfect stepping stone into the world of 3D Printing, and it can be upgraded and modified as I learn more and my needs change.

As of now I’ve only had it for a week, but I’ve used it every day and hope to review it further once I’ve really put it to use. I’ve got it on my desk and I enjoy watching it print probably as much as the prints that come off of it.

I was printing with it right out of the box, though I did play with the settings and managed to gouge my build plate, I ended up fixing the settings and was back to great prints.

I’m having issues with parts sticking to the build plate, but that’s part of the 3D printing learning curve. I’m in the process of building an enclosure for the printer since the room my printer is in is fairly drafty.

The enclosure is also to help cut down on the noise, personally it’s not quiet enough to sit next to and work while it’s printing. It can easily drown out music depending on the object it’s printing.

The Printrbot support is great, my power supply was broken in transit, I submitted the ticket on a Sunday and received the new power supply on Wednesday, no questions asked.


+ Easy to use.

+ Reliable.

+ Great support.


- Noise level.



Arrived promptly, assembled and working. I've done a couple small tweeks, but basically it printed fine right out of the box.

Dylan Rankin


I recently got this printer and built it myself. There was a learning curve to figure out how to get it to work. I had it running great and producing great prints. But I have ran into many issues with this machine. Most recently a short in the printrboard causes my Z axis not to home. This means my Z end stop is not working, and my printer is basically useless. The printrbot support team responds quickly and can be helpful. I just wish they had a number I could call to quickly get help. I just want my printer to work right. I have had replacement parts sent to me multiple times, and would much rather have the printer work as it is. Good printer for the price, but not worth the money when it doesn't work at all. Consider other printers in this price range when looking to purchase one.

Oregon Bibliophile


I am a newcomer to the 3-D printing community. I have used an EkoCube as part of our middle school robotics team and a Makerbot once as part of a STEM project in my classroom. . I would pick Printrbot hands down over the EkoCube! Right out of the box and using the setup guide on Printrbot's website, I had amazing looking prints after only a few hours. The print quality is so much better than the more expensive 3-D printer. The ability to use non proprietary filament, along with opensource software, makes this a very powerful printer for a very small price.

Greg S


Not just the best printer for the money, an awesome machine regardless of price. I had a $3000 Airwolf 3D HD - nothing but pain and poor quality of craftmanship, this one is built like a little tank, very compact, the bed leveling probes are awesome, did not have to mock with the bed after initial setup 6 months ago, and I have moved the printer, driven it to school several times, etc.

I wrote to support once, and have gotten a response, so support is not bad either.

Simply put - unless you know 100% that you need a larger print envelope (and chances are you may THINK you want a bigger build volume, but dont) - get this.