Very happy with the Mankati full scale XT. It's been a great machine to learn the art of 3d printing. Fairly user friendly and easy to get good results quickly. Printing quality is great and being able to use both PLA and ABS plastics means that you can print most anything you see on Thingiverse with a little practice. I researched for quite a while and decided on this model as being a good balance of quality and price. Customer service seems to be very quick to respond when I have needed to ask a question and there is plenty of forums that provide excellent advice from other experienced Mankati users.

Stephan Schmitz


I have a Ultimaker 2 , a RepRap, and an Airwolf 3d printer which cost more than 2 times the cost of this printer but there is no difference in the quality of the prints. As a matter of fact this This thing keep working when all others fail.

I have heard a lot of people complain about the printed parts being stuck at the heated bed, my suggestion would be use hairspray and try to remove prints after heating the bed a bit.

Also never buy a printer that does not have a close enclosure are you will end up getting more failed prints .

I would have rated this printer 4.5 unfortunately they don't allow that so I would rate it at 4 so that the manufacturers can make even better product next time around.

Anthony A. Palacio


The printer was shipped to me in good condition. When I ordered this printer I already knew that I will need a lot of time to figure out things and get them rightly done. So I spend a lot of time while assembling it.

Initially I faced problems with the stop switch present on the x-axis as it was making a lot of noise but then I called the customer care and these guys helped me out. Now the printer is working fine and the printing quality is reasonably good. Not a bad printer for its price.

Bob Lichtenberg


Mankati are like the “Apple” of 3D printers. It is easy to use and powerful in its product making it quite simply a smart investment. It does whatever it promises however it all comes at a cost, so if you are ready to pay you get the best printer in the market. When I received my 1st printer it was kind of broken and had a fused power supply, however the customer support I received was very helpful, they replaced my printer in 4 days (having warehouse in UK certainly gives them an edge).

Sandra R. Cox


The printer got delivered to me instantly. I really wanted to have a good 3D printer and this proved to be one. I really liked its strong and heavy metal body and closed enclosure. The printer is also equipped with a fan which helps me in cooling the prints and trusts me I have surfed a lot online before finalizing this printer and none of the other 3D printers has this feature. The printer offers accurate prints as I have taken around 30 prints and every time the quality remains the same.