Mary Ross


A great quality printer

When I received the shipment I was happy to see the heavy metal body and the closed enclosure.

The printer is offering impressive print outs with outstanding finish as compared to the 3D printers which I have used earlier.

Initially I faced a problem with the stop switch on the x axis and it made a lot of noise but then these guys helped me to solve the problem.

Now, the printer is working well and I am able to deliver the expected work on time with great quality.

Jade D. Lovett


This printer is a lot better than the other 3D printer which I have owned earlier. When I ordered it online I was not sure about its functionality and quality.

I also faced problems while changing the filament as the hot and the cold feeder are separate and cause a lot of issues. But apart from that the printer is of really high quality and is offering excellent results with its high build volume, dual print head/extruder, effective cooling system and enclosed printing space.

With this printer I am successful in delivering expected work on time without any compromises on the quality.

Pablo Moran


let me say that this thing prints very well when everything is tuned properly. It takes some time and patience to figure things out and get things right. I knew this when I bought the printer and expected to spend a lot of time tinkering with it.

Mankati is a very well sturdy and very well made 3d printer. The build platform is quite stable; I rarely need to level it. The extruder is very heavy duty and can print with any material you throw at it.

I am currently printing with ABS with Kapton tape, with a thin layer of ABS slurry (ABS diluted using acetone). Keep an eye on the 1st few layers of print and it that’s fine the printer more often than not does not fails.

Charles Price


The printer is working great with its dual printhead/extruder, high build volume, effective cooling system and enclosed printing space. My cousin and I have been using it since few months and all we have got is excellent results.

The connectivity options like USB, SD Card have made our work a lot easier. The best part about the printer is that the nozzle can be heated up to 300 degree which means most commercial plastic can be easily extruded.

Recommended to all those who want to work with a 3D printer which is easy to use and offers great printouts. Happy to have it!

James P


The printer is good quality and good value for money.

I would start with what I did not like about the printer. The printer manufacturer needs to change the filament feeding system; The hot and the cold feeder are separate which causes a lof of issues while changing the filament. The filament does not come out smoothly causing jams and unnecessary clogging.

The printer’s body is made out of very heavy metal making it completely immobile and very hard to transport. The printer is also pretty expensive compared to similar products. The printer can take up to 3 to 5 minutes to be ready to print.