Bob McGrath


Its an amazing pre assembled 3d printer. I am pretty well experienced with 3d printers and have used a few makerbots at my office. I was not very happy with their smart extruder as it had a lot of issues so when we decided to get a new printer, I jumped into the idea to experiment with something new.

After I a few days of research, I decided to get the Mankati printer, the large build base and the high temperature extruder system really influenced my decision.

The printer was delivered quickly from one of their warehouse in Uk. The printer was ready to print strait out of the box. The things I really like about this printer are the

Cog Bane


This product is awesome. My friend and I have been using it constantly since we purchased it. The printer is Amazing quality and relatively easy to learn and use. We have already joined an online course to learn cad so that we can design some cool stuff and print it on the printer.

The printer is truly plug and play and lot better than some printers from big brands. At first few prints we had some issues with the firmware and getting the filament stuck during loading and unloading but the customer service was good and was able to help us quickly resolve the issues.

The printers nozzle can heat up to 300 degrees which is more than enough for the toughest kind of plastics so thats an added advantage that you will not get on any other printer.

Remember this is a new technology and to get the best out of it you need a lot of patient so don't get too frustrated.

Thomas Washington


I read all the instructions and followed them too before using the printer and this way I was successfully able to use it smartly and effectively.

But the bad part is that the filament feeding system needs to be changed as the hot and the cold feeder are separate that causes a lot of issues at the time of changing the filament.

I faced a lot of trouble because of this and that is why I am not satisfied with the printer. It’s cheap but the functionality which I expected is not up to the mark. 

Thom Barclay


I got this printer because I was fed up with tinkering with my PrintrBot Metal. I could not have been happier with the result. The setup was very fast. In fact, the most difficult part was switching the power on the the bottom of the printer.

The switch is kind of buried under there. Once it was up, I leveled it within a couple minutes, and was successfully printing test prints on the first try. Since then, I have a great success rate with all kinds of prints. I love having the dual extruder as well, although I'm still learning how to incorporate that into my designs.

The only improvements I'd really like to see are a larger access door (it can be cramped when you have to work inside it) and a faster bed heater (it can take quite a while for that to come to temperature). I can't say for sure how this printer stacks up against the others, besides my Printrbot, but I don't see how it can be beat for the price. The quality of the prints seems very good.



I ordered this machine a week an a half ago. Ever since then I have been unable to get more then 5 hours sleep in each night. I have become a hermit leaving the house only when absolutely necessary, trying to keep prints running 24/7. I now suffer from delusions of grandeur and hear the sound of the printer everywhere I go for some reason (and in my dreams oddly enough). This is the most amazing and maddening piece of technology I have ever owned and I just cant put it down.