Jacob T


I am a tinkerer, hobbyist and I enjoy fixing problems.

This machine is incredible! It's the second 3D printer I've used, the first being makerbot's 1st gen, and it is an enormous improvement. BUT, this is for someone comfortable with issues and problems and using google and forums to find help and solutions. It can be difficult, but it is also very doable for anyone willing to put in the time.



Lance D Sloan


I love it. We have been printing nearly nonstop for the entire first week. Great printer. Easy to set up, and get printing with. Would definitely recommend.



Have owned a Replicator 2X for 2 years and put over 1000 hours on it printing prototype commercial parts... Here is my review:

This is not a toy and not for those who expect to use it like they would a common paper printer. Like all 3D printers, calibration and maintenance play a huge role.

That being said, we have had months of near continuous use with no problems and months where we couldn't get anything to print correctly. Purchase the extended warranty, if available, as the wiring to one of the XY-Axis controllers WILL kink and need to be replaced.



Overall... I don't know what we do without it but I can't honestly recommend purchasing one now. At the time, it was an awesome deal since nobody else was doing ABS or stereo lithography type printers at this price. But, there are simply too many better options available right now and at better prices.



I love my Makerbot. I get frustrated with my Makerbot. I love Thingiverse which has thousands and thousands of 'patterns' to download for free and collect to print in the future. It isn't like printing on your PC printer.

Adjustments may be have to be made in order to get your print to stick to the plate so it will actually print, extruders may get clogged, you may love a pattern on Thingiverse and download it when it fact it will never print (you cannot defy the laws of physics-so know what will print).

I am currently printing a pig for my garden (very cute) and it is printing without a hitch. However, for an hour before I started the pig print, I tried to print a box separator from a pattern that I made in a free modeling program.

Apparently, I have violated some nerd rule in creating the file because it will not print. I fiddled and fiddled and thought it was the printer, since the print would start, but never complete, but the pig is half done and printing behind me-so it’s not the printer. I will have to continue to experiment with modeling for 3d printing. In the meantime, Thingiverse and knowledge of what will and wont print, and how each object must be printed (upside down, right side up, etc) is necessary.

You aren’t just going to magically understand modeling and printing and push a button and have every single thing you try to print come out perfectly. Hence the perfect pig on the printer and my failed self-designed box separator.

I love the Replicator 2x, and I am glad it is the printer that I chose. I have owned it for 2 years I still love it and it is still going strong, but know that I have had more than a few harsh words with it.

Allyson McBride-Culver


I've put over 300 hours on the 2x and have had more successes than failures. While this is expensive, this is groundbreaking technology, the future is here. Think brick cell phone from the 80's, this is where home/school 3D printing is right now.

In 5 to 10 years, everyone will have a 3D printer. Patience is needed with this, and LOTS of practice, read everything you can before getting frustrated, many people offer great advice. Take your time, think hard about investing in such a young technology, if you do, have fun, don't give up!

Update: I'm at 400 hours and am close to 100% success for my print jobs. My biggest challenge is getting exact measurements on projects, good amount of trial and error. A single piece of paper between the build plate and extruders works really well for me, get a gentle tug and back up a quarter turn for each screw.

HEAT the platform to 120 degrees Celsius! This is warm enough to keep your edges down close to 100% of the time.