Mandy Gerstein


I could not wait to start using my MakerBot printer. I have saved on prototyping expenses by having my own machine!! The results have been great and it is so easy to use. Worth every penny!

Julie Ahern


We have been using this printer for almost two years in my second grade classroom. I'm excited that my students have a head's up on a technology that most people are not aware of yet. We have explored the many uses of this tech, including the medical applications.

They are amazed that it is predicted in ten years a human heart will be printed. Some of my students are telling me that they want to be an engineer or designer when they grow up. Before school ended we had a student from another classroom come spend time with us -the printer was printing and he asked, "What is that?!!" One of my quieter students strolled right up and proceeded to tell him all about it.

So far the printer has run well. When we start up school again in August I look forward to sharing with another class this amazing technology!

J. Johnson


I've owned a home made 3D printer for a couple of years and finally broke down and purchased a MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation. The smart extruder failed at the end of the test print. Called MakerBot and while all of the support people were nice, there was a lot of mis-information and mis-communication by the support team.

After two weeks of almost daily calls to the support team I had wondered if I would ever get a new extruder and was a day away from returning it, but they finally came thru and shipped it.

The new extruder is redesigned (looks the same on the outside) and have printed over 60 hours with no issues. For all of the folks that have had extruder issues, give support a call and get yours changed out to the new version. Hopefully MakerBot is adding the new extruders to the printers sitting in their warehouse.

I would have given the printer more stars if they hadn't taken so long to get me a new extruder.

The super fine print (0.1 mm layers) items look amazing. It makes it difficult to look at prints at .3mm or larger.

Tyler Reese


I was hesitant to buy the MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation as my experience with 3D Printers is not great. This far exceeded my expectations. I have had no problems or complaints with the machine and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into 3D Printing. I have not had any of the jamming issues others have complained about and have a bunch of great looking prototypes. I couldn't be happier with my MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation.

Xavier Donnelly


We have had this printer for about a month in our 3D Print lab. It is the students' favorite. Some technical skills and experience is helpful as with all 3D printers. I think we have had 2 material jams, which is common with all 3D printers. They were quickly and easily cleared.

They have been great to work with and very responsive. I just ordered a couple more of these printers and plan to use them during a camp with kids this summer. 3D Printing is a learning curve. Be patient and persevere. This is one of the easiest 3D Printers to use. I highly recommend it, especially for beginners.