Michael Gill


I have been printing with the MakerBot Desktop Replicator 5th Generation for 6 months now. The original extruder started jamming on me after about a month, but since I have the MakerCare protection plan, the company replaced it for me for free.

I did not even pay shipping. There have been at least 3 updates to the Firmware and PC desktop interface, with the printing getting cleaner and support structures and rafts getting easier and easier to remove, just in the last 6 months.

For the last month, the MakerBot Desktop Replicator has been a dream. I have not had a single jam in the last month, and we have been running the 3D printer nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you are unloading and reloading plastic spools, don't forget to pinch the tensioning clip on the extruder itself. This makes it much easier to remove the line and load new line.

Since 3D printing is a bit messy, and you are guaranteed to have a jam eventually, I highly recommend buying a second extruder and the MakerCare protection plan.

That way if you have a printing jam, you can swap out extruders and mail off the jammed extruder for free replacement and never have downtime printing.



We bought this for a project that we thought would cover the cost of the unit in the savings. I was wrong, it paid for itself twice over!! Very happy with it and easy to use and setup up out of the box. Support from the sales staff was great too!

Bruce R Sarnes


As someone relatively new to 3D printing, I found the use of this printer to be both easy and enjoyable. Smart extruder is spot on and there's been no warping with the PLA filament. I look forward to continued use of this impressive printer.



I've had a great experience with our Makerbot 5th Gen so far. The set-up process was super easy & I love the fact that this Makerbot assists you in leveling the print table! The built-in camera works really well & we can access & print to it via our various mobile devices from anywhere.

It has performed even better than I had expected. Our experience with the Makerbot personnel & this printer have been really good. I look forward to expanding our business & adding more of their equipment to our line-up.

Kunal Tandon


I've used about 3 different 3D printers and I have to say the MakerBot is the best so far. We bought ours a couple of months ago and are yet to have a bad experience. We're actually still on our first extruder even though we bought an extra just in case. I have some prints from an old Replicator 2 and you can't tell the difference in print quality at all!