Kunal Tandon


I've used about 3 different 3D printers and I have to say the MakerBot is the best so far. We bought ours a couple of months ago and are yet to have a bad experience. We're actually still on our first extruder even though we bought an extra just in case. I have some prints from an old Replicator 2 and you can't tell the difference in print quality at all!

Anne McManus


This is an excellent product! We have some in our local libraries which are available for public use.

I volunteer for a non-profit company and we use the library's machine to print our prototypes quickly and efficiently.

It's so much easier to use and obviously much cheaper than standard 3D printers I've used for my full time job.

Having the prototypes on hand make meetings so much more effective, especially when trying to get feedback on a design concept. I'm hoping my current employer thinks about investing in some of these for around the office. It would be a great asset!!

Larry Burditt


We've had several of the Makerbot 5th Generation printers and have used them over the past year. They are easy to setup and operate.

They're close to plug and play but do have the ability to customize if you like to adjust things at that level. I also like the ability to take the files via USB and not need a computer for each printer.

When we first got the machines we did have some of the issues other people experienced. But in the past several months we've had very good printing reliability. It is important to keep the firmware and software updated. I feel sure our improvement in print quality is due to firmware updates.

Service and support has also been good. We have generally gotten replacement parts in a few days.



I'm posting this because I'm really surprised by some of the bad experiences people have had. Our printer works well and is very reliable. It can be a little slow to print something, but the quality is really great.

I haven't had the jamming issues that people have described. We needed to replace our extruder once. All it took was a quick call to MakerBot support and we got a new one through our protection plan.

Lello Armini


I work for a fashion company and we purchased Makerbot Fifth Generations @ work. We have them printing all day, every day. Some of the prototypes that we make are incredible. I hope my company decides to invest in more of these printers so I no longer have to share!