Kelsey Silva


Borrowed a friend's printer, and haven't had any issues at all. Can't comment on support or anything of the sort, but prints have been coming out great. Helped me avoid a massive cost for printing at school, and was able to re-iterate the design right at home.

John Devine


The extruder does not last long enough, otherwise I would increase the rating to 4 stars.

Gregory P


We recently bought this 3D printer for use in our school district teacher resource center. We are having teachers send in the files they need printed and then we send the completed project back to the school sites. The initial printer came with some rails mis-aligned, after some conversations, Makerbot paid for us to send it back and sent us a new printer. The new printer is working great, we've been printing 10 hours a day without any issues. It was very quick to get set-up, we were up and running within a hour. The missing star is for the initial delay, otherwise it would be a 5.

Evan Schreiber


Just got my hands on one of these and am having a great experience. Admittedly, I'm a noob, but the MakerBot ecosystem has made it sooooo easy to get started with printing parts from thingiverse and shape maker. More to come as I start to explore 3d design and exporting stls into makerbots software but so far so good. I did have one issue with homing error but I bought the service plan and their support was extremely quick to help me get the printer running right. Not sure where people are having trouble getting in touch with support but shoutout to Daniel! Great to actually call a company and talk with a human!

Thomas Testa


After using this for more than 6 months I can say it got a lot better after the last update. The printer can be amazing, and just about all of the initial problems have been addressed. I've made a lot of different items from moving parts to models that look great. It's not perfect, at this time but the potential is definitely there.

Some thoughts that I learned early on; the prints are only as good as the 3D image you are printing. Knowing how to create with a CAD program can come in handy, especially when trying to make your own items. I really like this printer and can't wait for the new filaments that I saw coming out later this year.