Lauren C


I was reluctant at first to use a Makerbot-- as I had heard of some quality issues. When I started printing pieces for my art project however, I was extremely impressed with the result.

The software worked seamlessly with CAD files that I had already designed-- Was amazing seeing my designs come to life. I've since convinced a few friends and colleagues to purchase, and they've all come back to me thanking me for the recommendation. Highly recommended purchase.

Brian Daniels


Since I purchased this item, I have been impressed with its capabilities. The extruder has not caused any issues and the size is right to print anything that I need. The layering ability is also impressive. I don't feel the need to sand my finished product and it doesn't look like I have a pile of dimes stacked on top of one another.

J. DeMonte


For the first few months this machine was hit or miss. After they sent us a new extruder, the machine is far more reliable. The system is simple to use, and for the most part, provides consistent results. I recommend getting makercare.

PROS: consistent print quality, minimal set up, easy removal of part (because of the removable platform), pleasant and mostly efficient customer service.

CONS: locked down interface, (you will most likely need a 3rd party CAM software if you want more control over your prints. We use simplify3D), if you have an extruder problem you will need to replace the entire extruder (get makercare), only accepts the thin filament reels.

If you are looking for a system that require little tinkering and upkeep, this could be a good one to consider.

Desislava Shunturova


I'm an engineer and started using MakerBot when I was in school. We have one in our office now and we rely on it for projects. We have had very few issues with our Fifth Generations (we have 3) and I definitely recommend it to others who might be concerned about some of the reviews here.

Jay Derting


I have been teaching for 29 years and knew nothing about 3d printers. A local business offered to buy one for my class. Obviously I could't pass up the opportunity.

On advice from a fellow teacher I went with the MakerBot. Although my knowledge and experience are limited I am extremely satisfied with how easy it was to setup and begin printing.

I am also impressed by the support and help I have received from the company. Not only have they answered all of my questions, they email and call to see how I am doing. At this point in my experience I don't know what more I could ask for.