Neil Jansen


We've got two of these at our local makerspace. We've been plagued with constant nozzle / extruder issues, a cracked polycarbonate bed plate, and other annoyances. Makerbot would not honor the extended warranty that was purchased.

Replacement parts cost an arm and a leg (compare a few dollars for an aftermarket extruder part, compared to several hundred for the Makerbot part). The extruder and nozzle design of the Makerbot is just plain inferior, when compared to a RepRap J-Head hotend and Wade's extruder. They could also get with it and add a heated bed like other professional machines have.

I'd rather them not fix it though, because they seem to claim intellectual property on whatever existing technology they integrate into their machine. Personally, I would much rather support the open-source RepRap based 3D printer companies out there that have integrity and support the open source community. These machines cost significantly less than a Makerbot, and can print 24/7 without any major issues.

Henrique Cabral


I will write this review for education purposes only. I would give the product a two star rating based on the overall experience so far, but because I have no benchmarks (other 3D printers) I will slap it a 3.

The initial setup was not great, because at the end it failed to properly load the samples. The screen is easy to read and it's easy to get to the plate alignment, etc., but the sample models are blank. I then skipped the setup to try the desktop apps.

I downloaded Makerware for Mac, and out of the box it didn't work in OSX Mavericks. I could open files, fiddle with them, but then it would not detect the USB connection. I had to install Makerbot desktop for Windows, in a virtual machine, to have my first projects going. After a few days, Makerbot Desktop BETA was available for Mac, and I was able to connect to the printer.

Then the extruder clogs started. At first, I followed the troubleshooting steps (let it cool down, etc.) and was able to have it working again. But then in the middle of a project, it would clog again and again. Until I could no longer fix it and returned to Makerbot (i'm waiting for 15 days now for a replacement, and I paid for the one-year extended warranty).

I will not talk about quality or speed, because again, I have no benchmarks.

Although I recognize the efforts that Makerbot is doing to make the technology available and easy to use, maintaining Thingiverse, which is awesome, this is trailblazing technology if you're willing to spend 3K on a desktop 3D printer. Be prepared to face some frustration during the process. All in all, I'm looking forward receiving a new extruder and continuing with my projects.

Kat Iadisernia


I've been a fan of MakerBot for awhile and was happy that the 5th Generation model lived up to my expectations! With quick setup and easy to use features, this machine is great! I'm blown away that there are bad reviews here. I've had no problems and print stuff all the time.

Serge Crispiels


Great piece of technology. I've had it for about 4 months without any jams. I would recommend keeping some painters tape handy for the build plate and change it whenever it looks beat up. The smart extruder is also great for using up left over reels of PLA.

John Dutkowski


I have seen samples before and thought about getting a printer for a while. I am so glad I did! The printer is simple to use and a great way to see my designs off the computer screen. I am debating getting another one.