Harris Shapiro


With our 3D printer my employees have began to print out company logos and key chains to give to our clients. We also use the printer to prototype new designs and ideas. Great printer!

Jordan Vidrine


This 3D printer has too many issues to be considered a well-developed product. I am so dissatisfied with this machine. I am currently trying to get makerbot to give me a refund even though I ordered it earlier this year. I have never been able to use it like it was meant to be used.

I am CONSTANTLY fixing jams, restarting prints, and wasting time troubleshooting. I have owned this since March of this year and have had to send it off for repairs once, and get two extruders sent to me since. This past extruder that was sent didnt even work the first time I used it.

Makerbot had a huge name and trusted name before they released this horrible product. I will never consider buying from them again. I am very aggravated at spending almost 3,000 on a machine that I have to put so much work and troubleshooting into.

It only has 300 hours of print time logged into it as well and STILL have had so many issues with it. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Anthony Go


We received the printer through a grant. It has worked well until we needed it the most and then it kept jamming. Before I had a chance to call customer service, the school rep called to see how things were going. I told him about it jamming and he shared how to fix it. It seems to be a phantom error that the machine is picking up on. Once I did what he said, it worked. :) Customer service has always been helpful.

James M. Dutcher


We procured several of these systems for our campus at SUNY (State University of NY) Cobleskill. Our students and faculty love the ease of use and highly reliable 3D printer. Our support staff are impressed with the ease of maintenance of them. We are looking very forward to expanding our 3D printing infrastructure with additional machines.