AWESOME totally Awesome

Some may balk at the price tag and other get upset that it gets a jam every now and then. I have had mine for just over a month and I am like a kid in a candy store because of what this machine can do. You can print Gyro scopes, chain, ball in a cage, make your 2D photos 3D (with the right software, spring, vases, stuff for office or home, and the list just goes on and on and on. Set up for the machine is pretty easy just short of plug and play but well worth the extra work. This is spot on for the hobbyist, beginning inventor, school student, or just the everyday person.

The only thing that limits you on this machine is not your imagination but your build plate. Smart extruder stops if there is a problem and let you know if there is a jam and once it’s clear starts right where it left off. There are so many colors of PLA for this machine won’t know what you to do with yourself.

Customer support has been spot on with all my question with in 24hrs and to include follow ups just to make sure I am printing fine.

If I could think of anything wrong with this machine it would have to be where the spool sits once every now and then it may get stuck because a new spool is not worn down.. To fix this problem you can go and just print out an adapter and no more problem.

Would I recommend it? YES

Can anyone use it? YES

Bottom line is it worth the cost......If I could print out a big enough yes and take a picture and put on this review my answer is yes.

Here to everyone that can now really give their idea real 3 dimensional shape.

Robert McEwen


I bought mine from Home Depot. It did NOT work straight out of the box as many have stated, due to the Smart Extruder error. This problem was easily fixed with a 1 cent zip tie. Just strap it along the top so the smart extruder doesn't pop out and it will work PERFECTLY on its own.

People have mentioned things in their reviews on broken parts of the printer that aren't actually broken. The doors sometimes pop out during shipment to a distributor or to your house. They are taped to the mainframe for thisite reason. You can easily pop these back in place.

The led is not broken because it flashes, just like the sounds it makes, it uses that as communication to the printer. Think binary. Only reason I gave this 4/5 stars is because of the smart extruder problem they have yet to fix and the price point.

There are so many different printers with larger print areas and lower prices than this. As a matter of fact this is the second priciest printer I know of for the print area it can achieve. If you are considering buying this printer, I recommend you find a better company.

Daniel Oliva


I am not sure why others are having so many issues, I have had not issues with mine. I have not had any jams. My prints come out exactly as I expect. Maybe the newer firmware and software might have eliminated these issues, but I never experienced them.

I guess people don't update their reviews once stuff is working. This is not a space to promote other products, but to review this product. Good thing I didn't read these reviews before I purchased the printer, because I might not have bought it, and I am loving every minute of it.

I would suggest that people stop trolling these reviews because people do rely on these for purchasing decisions. I am sure people had problems, but half of what I read are clearly operator error.

Andrew George


Our company has a 5th Gen, Mini & Z18 all in the same office and they look awesome together. Our clients think they all look amazing and it adds legitimacy to our business. We use MakerBot's of all different sizes to build architectural renderings. Much cheaper and faster than using a shop. If it's a small job we use the mini, no effort required. Large job - Z18. We have a couple of extra extruders that I would definitely recommend so you can hot swap and minimize downtime.



Great starter printer. Compact printer. I've been using for a couple of months. Got mine right after release. I had jamming issues early on but it was resolved after a print head change. Seems there is a newer version now. Customer Service responded rather quickly to this issue via email and it was covered under warranty, (it was hot shipped, so I was only down for a few days.)