Van Brussel


I purchased a Replicator Mini about a month ago and it’s been a total blast. I'm new to 3D printing and this unit has been an awesome entry-level unit to learn the ins and outs on.

Out of the box it’s easy to set up the hardware, install the software, and get your first print going. The unit is very small and looks awesome on my desk. About an hour after receiving the package, I was already printing my first object from the content site

By the end of the weekend I had some toys for my nephew and even some items for around the house. I have to say – 3D printing my first objects was a really cool experience. It’s amazing how quickly you can print a physical object. I also video chatted with my nephew while I was printing and he is excited to come over and help me print some new objects.

Overall, this unit has exceeded my expectations for my first experience with a 3D printer. My only complaint would be that perhaps it is a bit louder than expected, but when I think about what it’s doing, that’s not so much an issue. I would recommend this unit to anyone looking to get into 3D printing, and when I am ready I will be upgrading to a MakerBot Replicator.

Herky Mezarina


After the fixes, this turned out to be an exceptional unit. I use this unit in my classroom, or rather my students use it. We have made gears for a wind turbine that we used in a competition and our design won awards. We also use it in our robotics program. I have another printer, but I prefer this one. It is easy to use and customer service has been fantastic. This printer has been a hit among the students and I have had students who are not taking my classes come to my room to see it in operation. I would recommend this printer without reservation.

Cam Blair



Support staff has been responsive and replaced both of the extruders we ordered on the initial order, which fixed 90% of the prints we were having trouble getting to print properly.

The printer looks good and works well enough, for a small, entry-level printer.


The printer is very high maintenance. We've found that we have to power-cycle the printer after every second or third print we do to keep it running decent.

We aren't able to consistently manage the prints via the local wi-fi. Haven't spent time troubleshooting it, but have updated the firmware and it's just easier to go plugin via USB and start the print jobs.

This printer is not for the professional. It is for the beginner who just wants to print very small things just for fun. Buy the next size up if you plan to print anything truly usable. I think overall MakerBot has done well to make an entry-level printer, but it is a bit pricey for what you get and is really small.

Paul Haberstroh


We purchased the MakerBot Mini for our Science and Technology program at an elementary school. The students love it and it has been very easy to use. We love the wireless capability and the iPad app. The Thingiverse community is a tremendous resource. This is great addition to any STEM program and provides an authentic learning experience!

Ryan J


After reading about 3D printers for some time, I decided to take the plunge and try it out for myself. I did my research and the Replicator Mini seemed to be the best unit for how much it costs. It looks great on my desk and takes up very little room, and anytime we have company over everyone wants to see it in action.

I have been printing on the weekends and experimenting with some different designs and filament colors, and I was able to start getting great quality prints very quickly. I am generally tech-savvy - but the included software makes it very easy to do something that seems so complex, and even my wife who was skeptical she would ever use it is becoming an enthusiast.

The build area could be a bit larger, but for my first unit I would say that overall I am satisfied with the machine. If you're just getting into 3D printing like us, we would recommend this product.