A printer with high accuracy! It offers the best quality print outs which are accurate and have succeeded in exceeding all my expectations. I am highly impressed with the laser engraving and 2-in-1 switchable print heads feature which contributes in more work and less wastage of time. The printer is compatible with 10 printing material types including leather, bamboo, plastic, rubber etc. With such compatibility now I have a huge variety to deliver to my clients. Everyone is happy with my work.



Unlike my old printer this printer has an outstanding printing speed which remains the same even after regular printing. I am able to print double the amount of prints I used to take earlier. Initially I faced minor issues while assembling the printer and I got irritated too but after that I have never faced any issues yet. The printer is not very light in weight but light enough to carry within my company. I am impressed with the high quality MK10 extruder aluminum alloys.



The machine is great and works well. Thankfully it was easy to assemble as I am not an expert. I printed on PLA and other filaments too and I am very impressed with the way this printer works on each filament. The results are high quality and accurate. At times I face warping issues as the prints cool down instantly. In this case I have to print the same model again. The printing area is very huge and I print larger objects with same precision and quality.



I am a nursery teacher and I ordered the printer to make toys for my kids and to decorate the classroom with various models which can be useful for kids. I started with PLA and got outstanding results. Then I moved to other filaments like ABS and TBU and I was surprised to see equally amazing results. The toys and other decorations are very accurate and my kids loved it. They play with them and are enjoying the new way of learning things. I am going to order the same printer for my husband’s office too.



The printer is affordable! Yes, the assembling part is bit difficult and it takes a lot of time to complete the whole process. But if you are able to crack the assembling part you will feel like a professional. The printer is very easy to operate and I have not faced any issue. It works flawlessly and taking print outs is very easy. The printing speed is amazing and does not slow down even when I print for longer hours. I would recommend this printer to everyone.