Lionello Mazzi


I am very happy to purchase this laser engraving 3D printer. This printer occupies less space and 9 kg weight makes it easier to carry around in a trolley. The printer has high- accuracy printing ability with large printing area of about 210*210*210mm and supports various filaments like ABS, wood and flexible rubber.

Its heating bed and covered nozzle are very safe for use!  The printing speed (120mm/sec) of this printer increases the productivity with fine and expressive models.

The installation was very fast, less time-taking. I got 1 year warranty with lifetime tech-support which was an additional reason to purchase this printer among others!  

Impressive technology with nice outcomes!

John E. Williams


I ordered this printer because the first thing which attracted me in this printer was its laser feature. But after the printer arrived and I was through with the assembling process I realized that its laser feature is the worst part of this printer. Although the printer is a good machine but when it comes to laser printing it gives you the worst results.

The laser printing effects are below average and I cannot complete my college presentation because of such poor quality outcomes. I invested my savings in this printer and now I am not happy. I wasted my long term savings. Disappointed!

Geneva D. Gulley


I am a housewife and I love decorating my house with 3D models. I thought of making these models myself instead of purchasing them from market.

I ordered this printer and received it on time. It took me few days to explore all its features and to understand the assembling process. Assembling the printer is a time consuming process but it is all worth it. The printer successfully delivers high quality print outs with impressive printing speed of 120mm/sec.

It is light in weight and I can easily carry it around. The printer is also equipped with heated bed which makes it safe for use.

Theresa R. Gabor


I work as a freelancer and help students of college and school with their projects and that is why I ordered this 3D printer as 3D printing is a lot in demand these days. The printer is not very difficult to assemble and came with all necessary parts but I am not very happy with the laser feature as it provides average results which do not impress my clients. My two projects got canceled because of this problem. The printer is affordable but I wish it can offer better laser prints.

Mingmei Hsü


I had bought this laser 3D printer for my daughter’s school projects a few months ago. Earlier, she used to outsource her 3D prints which was quite expensive and was just okay in quality. But, after using this Creality Pro Laser printer, my daughter’s presentations are coming out great! The amazing prints were good replications of her designs.

The laser engraving feature along with 2-in-1 switchable print heads are pretty impressive! It supports MK10 extruder with multiple types of printing materials. It is pretty light weight that makes it more convenient in using it anywhere. 

Only 5 minutes were utilized in the installation and was very easy to assemble by reading its ‘user manual’. It is a good purchase!