The machine was great it works beautiful.The instructions need improving in English.Assembly was easy the PDFs are in English.the video was in Chinese.but they go slow showing good detail so if you watch the video of them assembling it you can follow along.It has good quality parts and seems durable and prints pretty fast at 120mm top speed I would recommend its well designed printer.



The engraver itself seems sturdy enough. However the provided "users" manual was useless.

The download links it suggested are no longer in use. The program that came on the mini sd card I thought would have the driver to get the engraver to work but that did not work as well. I had to call the customer support to get to work.



This 3D Printer / Engraver is the best this I purchased during the last year's festival season. This small machine is simple to assemble and great to work with. The assembly instructions are difficult to understand but with basic knowledge about 3d printers it becomes very easy. The printer parts looks high quality and they are pretty light weight as well.

It gives great prints and works well with the engraving thing as well. It's a great machine for $400 but becomes awesome with the $65 upgrade of the engraver.

Monica Evans


It’s the BEST

Very Very Cool Printer! Having bought a machine like this, I am just dancing all around as it is worth the price! It has a strong cool design, high precision and flexibility.

I am in love with all the features of this printer especially with the laser engraving technique. Its unique frame and positioning makes the image positioning easy.

It is compatible with bamboo, rubber, leather, plastic and with this versatility, I have already printed so many models for my exhibition this month.  The best printer I’ve ever used!

Dee G. Cornwell


This 3D printer with laser engraving feature is a good purchase at this price. But, in my opinion, I will not give full points for best and proficient laser prints.

Although, it is a lightweight machine and delivers high-defined quality prints. The printer has good build area and compatible with various printing materials. But, laser feature has to be more effective to get exclusive results. Even it is a difficult task for beginners to install.

I am happy with customer support team and their services.