Christopher S. Brewer


The only complaint which I had with this printer when I ordered this printer was that it arrived after a month of ordering. This delay really tested my patience but when I received the printer I realized that it was worth waiting. The printer is really sturdy in appearance and construction and all its parts are of really high quality which work together to deliver outstanding results.

The best feature of this 3d printer is its laser technique which has been delivering excellent results so far. I have no complaints with this printer until now and I hope it works like this only.

Loretta R. Thomas


This amazing printer which I received few days ago is not also easy to assemble but offers quick installation also. It features the new aluminum alloy frame and do not cause loud noise at the time of printing.

I usually print on flexible rubber but have tried other options too and all the outcomes have been exact and commendable.

The printer is also equipped with 2 in 1 swappable print which is available for 3d printing and laser engraving. I am really happy to invest on this printer as this is the best 3D printer which I own till now.

Geneva D. Gulley


I am a housewife and I love decorating my house with 3D models. I thought of making these models myself instead of purchasing them from market.

I ordered this printer and received it on time. It took me few days to explore all its features and to understand the assembling process. Assembling the printer is a time consuming process but it is all worth it. The printer successfully delivers high quality print outs with impressive printing speed of 120mm/sec.

It is light in weight and I can easily carry it around. The printer is also equipped with heated bed which makes it safe for use.

Theresa R. Gabor


I work as a freelancer and help students of college and school with their projects and that is why I ordered this 3D printer as 3D printing is a lot in demand these days. The printer is not very difficult to assemble and came with all necessary parts but I am not very happy with the laser feature as it provides average results which do not impress my clients. My two projects got canceled because of this problem. The printer is affordable but I wish it can offer better laser prints.

James Salmons


Great printer for DIY hobbyists!

I bought this Afinibot Laser printer for my upcoming establishment. It is a great fun and great experience working on it. It has sturdy and robust build.

I am able to print large models in less time period at high speed about 120 mm/sec. Its laser engraving feature surprised me as I can able to print in new dimensions and applicable to engrave toys by using various metal filaments includes PLA, TPU, ABS and much more.

Happy to invest on such amazing DIY laser kit!