David N. Frost


This Afinibot printer is easy and fast to install and comes with laser engraving feature which is worthy of its value! The printer has a large printing area with no-noise as compare to other printers which is quite satisfying if you like working in peace.

The laser technology helps in molding models with accurate and high-defined quality but its gantry speed being slow is the main reason I was disappointed.

Although it had arrived on time but they missed one substantial part which was essential for assembling the printer. When I called customer support for the same it was delivered within the next week.

Jake Hall


My partners and me bought the Afinibot printer for our start-up and it is real fun. It has a good build volume, is fast and accurate.

We are able to print larger stuff with a high speed in little time. I was so surprised to know that this 3D printer works as laser engraver.

We are able to give a new dimension to our prints because of its laser engraving technique. I always though 3D printers are giant machines that make a huge noise. But, Afinibot is light-weight and doesn’t even make much noise.  Its quality and feed rate is just next to superior.

Happy to have invested in this!

Jason Clark


A 3D printer with laser engraving feature in this price is a good purchase. But, if you’re looking for depth in the work and laser prints, I don’t think this 3D printer gets full points for that. 



Good for beginners and DIY hobbyists!



The machine weights just 9 kgs and it a perfect portable machine. I bought this printer around 6 months ago and it has worked pretty well ever since.

The only problem I have with the printer is that the prints tend to warp as they cool too quickly. I did not but the printer with the engraver facility, i now feel left out.

Where can I get that upgarde ?



A printer with high accuracy! It offers the best quality print outs which are accurate and have succeeded in exceeding all my expectations. I am highly impressed with the laser engraving and 2-in-1 switchable print heads feature which contributes in more work and less wastage of time. The printer is compatible with 10 printing material types including leather, bamboo, plastic, rubber etc. With such compatibility now I have a huge variety to deliver to my clients. Everyone is happy with my work.