Willis Melton


I don’t think this 3D printer could have been better. The assembling process was so easy that I completed the process within half an hour. With amazing MK10 extruder, supportive laser engraving and filaments, aluminium alloys and best among all–light weight, I give Afinibot 5 stars! Recommended.

Oliver McKeown


The 3D Printer is amazing in terms of printing quality and speed. I liked the large heatbed and the MK10 extruder which has 10 types of printing materials. However, I hate that the delivery was late and the manual didn’t clarify my issues while assembling. Thanks to your support team for helping me. Anyway, I am happy with the purchase.

Kathy J. Rivera


This printer is the easiest printer to assemble. It just took me few minutes to process this printer. The printer is also very light in weight and can be carried around very easily as per your convenience. The printing area which the printer offers is very spacious and I am able to print on large objects without any disturbance or shortage of space. The vest thing about this machine is that it makes very low noise while printing which does not irritate my ears. The printer also offers 2 in 1 swappable print heads for both 3d printing and laser engraving.

Clotilde S. McMorris


As a Principal of the school and a DIY hobbyist, I loved using this 3D Printer for my personal and professional purposes. I bought two Afinibot Creality Pro 3D Printer and everyone asked me about it. I guess this means my purchase was good. I liked the printing quality and especially laser engraving. The prints came out to be effective and amazing. The only thing I disliked was the late delivery of the other printer.

Christopher S. Brewer


The only complaint which I had with this printer when I ordered this printer was that it arrived after a month of ordering. This delay really tested my patience but when I received the printer I realized that it was worth waiting. The printer is really sturdy in appearance and construction and all its parts are of really high quality which work together to deliver outstanding results.

The best feature of this 3d printer is its laser technique which has been delivering excellent results so far. I have no complaints with this printer until now and I hope it works like this only.