Being an immature I was really worried that I might not have ordered a complicated machine because I know nothing about 3D printers. But I was so happy when I received the printer. It is very easy to use and operate. I assembled it on my own so that I can understand how it works and I was successful. The printer offers fully automatic calibration and prints good on both PLA and ABS. I get good quality print outs every time I print and I never get disappointed. Recommended to all the newbies!

Elizabeth L. Close


When the printer arrived some of the parts from its kit were missing. I contacted the customer care and to my surprise they delivered the missing part within 4 days. I must say that the customer care support is outstanding. The printer is an excellent machine which requires minimum time for assembling and is equipped with many good features. I am very impressed with its full LCD display and intelligent nizzle positioning. The print outs are precise and offers unmatchable quality. I would recommend the printer to everyone.



I have owned a lot of 3D printers in the past and this one is definitely not the best printer I own. I believe that it is a poor quality printer with poor quality parts. I expected a lot from this printer but it disappointed me. When I started assembling it, I faced major issues while fixing some parts and got stuck. I took customer care and my friend’s help to fix it up. I had so many projects lined up and assembling the printer took so much of time. After that when I finally started printing, I was not able to print expected print outs in a day because of the slow printing speed.

Steven K. Vroman


I am new to 3D printers and I was feeling very nervous while ordering this printer because I knew that I had to face the assembling process.

The printer arrived after 20 days of ordering which increased my nervousness and anxiety even more. I was not at all happy with the late delivery. Anyways, when I stared assembling the printer I realized that assembling the printer is so much fun.

The assembling process is so easy and you do not need to be a professional to assemble the printer. The printer is easy to use to and is perfect for newbies like me. I am happy with my purchase. Recommended to all the newbies!

Gary G. Lavender


I have had this printer for 6 months now and trust me this is the easiest and the most reliable 3D printer I have ever worked with. Apart from this printer, I have 3 more 3D printers but no machine is as good as this one. The best part about this printer is that it comes with two nozzles which basically let the operator to print in various material and colors and that also in a solo print.

The printer is equipped with many other features like filament detection, nozzle positioning etc. which makes my work easier by offering high quality prints and that also at impressive speed.