Manchu Tai


I am in love with its filament detection technology. My earlier printer would give me Goosebumps each time the filament blobs would spurt out from the nozzle.

That would mean delaying of my work and printer failure. Thankfully, this felix printer has fully automatic nozzle adjustment so now I can easily work on my layering models. The best part is it has one year warranty.

5 stars for its smart sensors!

Rebeca D. Brown


I am an architect and when I ordered this printer I had huge number of projects pending which I thought I can finish at the earliest with this printer.

The printer kit got delivered on time and I only faced minor problems while assembling the printer and I managed the whole assembling process on my own.

When I stared working on this printer I realized that the printing speed of this printer is really slow. I mean I was not even able to complete a small project in a day. I am stuck with this printer now and with my pending projects too. I am very disappointed.

Sue R. Herrera


The auto-leveling mechanism and large build-up volume was the reason I purchased it. But after working on it, I realized it has so much more to offer! This stand-alone printer is so light-weight. I loved its design and also the printing speed is very fast. I recommend it to everybody.

Norman K. Poirier


This 3D printer works fine for PLA but not with ABS. It sticks like crazy on my print-plate and then I have to wait until it cools down. After buying a printer that costly, this was not expected!

I bought it last week only and am planning to replace it with Makerbot. Fingers crossed!!

Florence Beth


I bought this printer because I got good feedback from many folks at my office. Felix Pro 1 is easy to use and its functioning is also satisfying.

The quality of prints is good but is delivered at slow printing speed. This 3D printer kit inculcates automatic bed leveling and filament detection that ensures that prints delivered are of appropriate thickness.

It is a great kit for beginners but if you are a professional like me then there are better 3D printer kits in the market that you can buy.