Scott Miele


I got this printer after reading reviews from toms hardware and a 3d hubs report that felix was the most easy to use 3d printer. I have to say that even though I am new to 3d printing, I’ve never had any issues with this printer.

The prints quality is amazing and the customer support is genuinely worldclass. The detachable bed makes it easy to remove printed parts from the printer.

Felix builder is a no brainer and extremely simple to use. And if you need good prints I would recommend high quality European filaments as I tried printing with some Chinese filaments and I was very disappointed. I got into all kind of trouble like the filaments layers not sticking to each other or the prints not sticking to the bed.

Nancy Jones


Felix Pro 1 has everything that I wanted including intelligent nozzle positioning, full LCD display and full automatic calibration mechanism. Prints supplied are exact replicas of the original piece and are of accurate thickness. It did not take me much time to set up. The functioning is great and prints are processed at good speed. All this comes at an affordable market price, which is great. I highly recommend this 3D printer.

Jaden Long


No complaints, no issues, simply the best..

Tory Flux


The best thing about this 3D printer is that it is extremely easy to use. Even an amateur can easily operates it. The auto-calibration and auto-leveling mechanism is simply brilliant. Prints delivered are precise and processed at great printing speed.

One unique feature about Felix Pro 1 are its smart sensors, which make sure that printing process starts and delivers at appropriate time. It was a right decision to put my money on this printer.

Cary Andrae


I am super excited to have purchased the Felix printer, It’s simply the best mid range 3d printer out there.

The Printer comes with a great software package that woks amazingly well with the printer and gives some great prints. Default settings can already get a good print. But with a little bit of tuning, the quality can be spot on.

The best part about the printer is that you do not have to bother about the bed calibration, (it being the most difficult part of 3d printing).

The smart filament detector can pause the print in between when the filament is low which is yet another great feature of the printer.

I have become a big fan of felix printers and of 3d printing.