Jerry Pitts


I am very happy to buy this versatile printer. Geeetech Pro is well updated and highly functioning device. It’s worth my money value! Auto-Leveling, Auto-calibration, multi-filament compatibility, dual-extruder, amazing print speed, large print size, stand-alone printing feature, high accuracy and precision and lots more… this printer is full of advanced features that make my work efficient and productive. Undoubtedly, 5-star rating product!!

Gloria G. Wimberly


When this printer arrived I was confident enough that I will be able to assemble it, but things turned out to be different. First of all, I faced problem with the leveling of the bed as I found it really confusing and even after my best efforts I was not able to get the perfect bed.

I managed somehow then the printer started working fine. After using it for almost a month it started to stop midway while printing and finally I called the customer support. Now, they have finally realized that there are some issues with the main board of the printer. They have promised to replace it soon. I hope I get to use this printer soon.

Ariel Rossell


Don’t be fooled by this Rostock! It is just the same as the older version!

The extruder motor pushes filaments through 2 heads separately, so mixing of colors to make a 3D model is not possible here. The 3d printed parts have poor layer adhesion. Ultimately, I had to pay on 3dhubs to have better quality printed model.

Expect to spend lots of time lots on calibrating and tweaking it.



I ordered this printer because of its cheap price and also because it consist of those features which I require for my project. But when the printer arrived and I started assembling it, I figured out that some of its parts were missing. I contacted the customer care and they immediately delivered the missing part.

I assembled the printer quickly and got really impressed with all its features. Its multi-filament compatibility prevents my work from getting limited and I am able to offer a vast variety to my client. He is really impressed with my work and he is even planning to extend the contract.




The printer is great if you have time to tinker. You do have to mess with it a lot and it is not a plug and print and the kit is not that simple to manage if you are new to these things. My real complaint is the leveling of the bed is confusing, no matter how hard I try I cannot get the bed to be perfect. I guess I will have to get some professional support for that.