Gloria M


The printer got delivered on time and was nicely packed too. I already own a 3D printer and I thought that assembling this machine will be an easy task for me. But I was wrong. The printer is a complicated machine I was unable to assemble it on my own. I took my friend’s help and even contacted the customer care and finally assembled the printer after so much of struggle. The print quality is fine but the extruder gets heated up very easily which consumes a lot of my time and my work also gets delayed.

Robert Embry


Geeetech is worthy of 5-stars!

I received mine last week and it's an amazing piece of kit. This printer is a great value for money. Who gets dual extruder delta printer for such low price?! Assembling it was very easy (thanks to the BOM and user manuals.) It comes with auto-calibration and auto-leveling which makes the whole process of printing like plug and play!

The printing quality is just superb! I can print in ABS, PLA, nylon and many other types.

Absolutely loved it!

Justine Barker


Geeetech Delta Metal 3D printer is a next-Gen innovation in the 3D printing world. I must say 3D printing becomes more easy and fun-loving with this amazing printer at unbeatable fair cost-price.

This lightweight auto-leveling machine has improvised the version of G2 PRO that allows more accurate calibration and delivers smooth prints.

The commendable speed improves proficiency. The printing procedure is very fluent and prints come out at higher accuracy. This printer helps me to explore my all new imaginations in reality! I just love it!

Fernando Carrasco


My main issue while printing with this printer wasn't the assembly. This was my second 3D printer build, so I knew the stakes going in. The problem came when spider-like extruder that squirted out plastic started tilting forward and backward while moving on the y plane. Thanks to the customer support, I was quickly able to solve that issue.

Since then, I have faced no such problems with Rostock.

If you have this printer, please join the community @googleplus: "Geeetech Rostock mini delta printers".

I have been logging my experiences with this printer. Lots of photos are posted there as well.

So far, a great printer! Précised printing!



I ordered this printer because of its cheap price and also because it consist of those features which I require for my project. But when the printer arrived and I started assembling it, I figured out that some of its parts were missing. I contacted the customer care and they immediately delivered the missing part.

I assembled the printer quickly and got really impressed with all its features. Its multi-filament compatibility prevents my work from getting limited and I am able to offer a vast variety to my client. He is really impressed with my work and he is even planning to extend the contract.