Martina Nyeki


3D printing is my hobby. I love to make toys and 3D models for my social work. I was searching new 3D printer and found Rostock Mini PRO. It was delivered within the shipping period of time and at first glance, I was impressed by its design. But, assembling took me long hours of arduous efforts.

Initially, it has delivered amazing prints that was a good experience with it. But, I don’t know what went wrong. After 5 prints, I could not able to print more prints. It has started delivering distorted prints. And the printer stopped functioning as well. It just ruined my mood.

It was so frustrating that I have to go through its guidebook again. Although it has been resolved all the tussles and woes and it was a big solace after getting precise prints with HD-quality. Good printer with strenuous efforts!!

Ronald Curtis


I'm so very impressed with this printer. My experience4 with 3D printing wasn’t that good, but I decided to give this printer a try. The price is just unbeatable. I bought it 2 months ago; it arrived quite early and was packaged fairly well. It is working amazingly well. I have already made so many models with it and haven’t faced a single issue. I really like its software, it is quite improved. This printer truly deserves 5 stars!



Ordered the printer in December, after a month of usage it kept stopping mid way while printing and hence I called the customer support. After a lot of brain storming they found out that the main board had an issue and they are still replacing it to me..



The printer has a decent build volume of 190x170x200 and with easy assembling and up to date instructions the printer is a great option for anyone looking to buy a 3d printer.

The only drawback is its quality

Lori Ross


The printer works well but the left and right extruders are not in line and hence the left seems to bumps into the print and printing was not perfect. I called the customer support but they were not very helpful.

The software is useless hence I got the simplify 3d to slice my 3d designs.

Remember that you would need more investment once you have got this printer.