Fernando Carrasco on 22/06/2016
21 reviews

My main issue while printing with this printer wasn't the assembly. This was my second 3D printer build, so I knew the stakes going in. The problem came when spider-like extruder that squirted out plastic started tilting forward and backward while moving on the y plane. Thanks to the customer support, I was quickly able to solve that issue.

Since then, I have faced no such problems with Rostock.

If you have this printer, please join the community @googleplus: "Geeetech Rostock mini delta printers".

I have been logging my experiences with this printer. Lots of photos are posted there as well.

So far, a great printer! Précised printing!

Hans on 18/06/2016
21 reviews

I ordered this printer because of its cheap price and also because it consist of those features which I require for my project. But when the printer arrived and I started assembling it, I figured out that some of its parts were missing. I contacted the customer care and they immediately delivered the missing part.

I assembled the printer quickly and got really impressed with all its features. Its multi-filament compatibility prevents my work from getting limited and I am able to offer a vast variety to my client. He is really impressed with my work and he is even planning to extend the contract.


Ariel Rossell on 05/06/2016
21 reviews

Don’t be fooled by this Rostock! It is just the same as the older version!

The extruder motor pushes filaments through 2 heads separately, so mixing of colors to make a 3D model is not possible here. The 3d printed parts have poor layer adhesion. Ultimately, I had to pay on 3dhubs to have better quality printed model.

Expect to spend lots of time lots on calibrating and tweaking it.

Ronald Curtis on 04/06/2016
21 reviews
I'm so very impressed with this printer. My experience4 with 3D printing wasn’t that good, but I decided to give this printer a try. The price is just unbeatable. I bought it 2 months ago; it arrived quite early and was packaged fairly well. It is working amazingly well. I have already made so many models with it and haven’t faced a single issue. I really like its software, it is quite improved. This printer truly deserves 5 stars!
Timothy Autry on 24/05/2016
21 reviews

I had been researching 3D printers for a few months before purchasing but was so confused and couldn’t judge which one would be the best for me. So, I asked for advice from my brother and he suggested me to buy this printer. I am thankful to him and here is the breakdown of why I really like my new printer:

Comes in a great price

Size is also perfect, not that bulky, it fits perfect on my table

Cool aesthetics

Assembly was little baffling, but my brother helped me out and we did it in less than 2 hours.

The printing accuracy and speed is superb

Supports array of filament

The only issue is with the extruder, it tends to get heated up a lot. Otherwise, it’s a very nice printer. Highly Recommended!