Jerry Pitts on 08/05/2016
21 reviews
I am very happy to buy this versatile printer. Geeetech Pro is well updated and highly functioning device. It’s worth my money value! Auto-Leveling, Auto-calibration, multi-filament compatibility, dual-extruder, amazing print speed, large print size, stand-alone printing feature, high accuracy and precision and lots more… this printer is full of advanced features that make my work efficient and productive. Undoubtedly, 5-star rating product!!
Martina Nyeki on 12/04/2016
21 reviews

3D printing is my hobby. I love to make toys and 3D models for my social work. I was searching new 3D printer and found Rostock Mini PRO. It was delivered within the shipping period of time and at first glance, I was impressed by its design. But, assembling took me long hours of arduous efforts.

Initially, it has delivered amazing prints that was a good experience with it. But, I don’t know what went wrong. After 5 prints, I could not able to print more prints. It has started delivering distorted prints. And the printer stopped functioning as well. It just ruined my mood.

It was so frustrating that I have to go through its guidebook again. Although it has been resolved all the tussles and woes and it was a big solace after getting precise prints with HD-quality. Good printer with strenuous efforts!!

Elva Saucedo on 05/04/2016
21 reviews

I have been working in an animation company for two years now. So, I seem to have a good knowledge about the technical know-hows. Lately, I’ve taken up 3D printing as a hobby. I searched the web and found Rostock Mini PRO, a good way to start my experience with.

The printer arrived in a week of placing the order. The design seemed to be good- quite strong I must say and I was impressed at first glance. But, when I started assembling, god knows what went wrong. I could finish it after 6 long hours of putting strenuous efforts.

All my excitement and happiness was dumped. When I began printing, it didn’t function. I had to again go through the manuals and fix some parts accurately. It finally started. First 5, 6 prints were not good. Later on, the prints came out to be precise and I took a breath of relief.  I am not much satisfied.

Watkins on 12/03/2016
21 reviews
The printer is great if you have time to tinker. You do have to mess with it a lot and it is not a plug and print and the kit is not that simple to manage if you are new to these things. My real complaint is the leveling of the bed is confusing, no matter how hard I try I cannot get the bed to be perfect. I guess I will have to get some professional support for that.
Jenifer Winget on 07/03/2016
21 reviews

I am a fashion designer and had heard about people printing stuff on 3d printers, but as I had never wirked with one I was not sure If I would be able to do so myself.

Thank God, I did not hold myself back !! I have already printed half of the dress for my next collection and its turning out to be the best thing I have made till date.