John Stocks


Dual Exturders, Auto leveling and Multi filament compatibility are the highlighted features. I was using Folgertech kossel delta 3d printer, good product but basic model and only less features. Geeetech G2 has more advanced functions and worth for the price. Very happy about the purchase.

Kyle R Boyd


I have two other 3D printers, and this was my third. This was the first one I have purchased that was built from a kit. The kit arrived in 12 days and there were delays in shipment, I had to call the seller 2wice to get the exact delivery status update.

Once the printer was delivered and unboxed it was operational within an hour, the printer came with an auto bed calibration and did not need the extra set-up time needed to level and calibrate the print bed.

The Printer looks solid and the parts used look high quality. I ordered the one with dual extruder and have tested prints that use both the extruders at the same time, the results were satisfactory. The heated bed did not work immediately and I had to call the seller to get that fixed, they were responsive enough and guided me with instructions to connect the proper connectors to get it working.

I managed to get good print from this 3D printer - I will say that it is as good as other brand name 3D printer at significant lower price.

I so with I wish that there was no delay with the shipment; it made me loose a print job.

Timothy Autry


I had been researching 3D printers for a few months before purchasing but was so confused and couldn’t judge which one would be the best for me. So, I asked for advice from my brother and he suggested me to buy this printer. I am thankful to him and here is the breakdown of why I really like my new printer:

Comes in a great price

Size is also perfect, not that bulky, it fits perfect on my table

Cool aesthetics

Assembly was little baffling, but my brother helped me out and we did it in less than 2 hours.

The printing accuracy and speed is superb

Supports array of filament

The only issue is with the extruder, it tends to get heated up a lot. Otherwise, it’s a very nice printer. Highly Recommended!

Elva Saucedo


I have been working in an animation company for two years now. So, I seem to have a good knowledge about the technical know-hows. Lately, I’ve taken up 3D printing as a hobby. I searched the web and found Rostock Mini PRO, a good way to start my experience with.

The printer arrived in a week of placing the order. The design seemed to be good- quite strong I must say and I was impressed at first glance. But, when I started assembling, god knows what went wrong. I could finish it after 6 long hours of putting strenuous efforts.

All my excitement and happiness was dumped. When I began printing, it didn’t function. I had to again go through the manuals and fix some parts accurately. It finally started. First 5, 6 prints were not good. Later on, the prints came out to be precise and I took a breath of relief.  I am not much satisfied.

Jenifer Winget


I am a fashion designer and had heard about people printing stuff on 3d printers, but as I had never wirked with one I was not sure If I would be able to do so myself.

Thank God, I did not hold myself back !! I have already printed half of the dress for my next collection and its turning out to be the best thing I have made till date.