Gloria G. Wimberly on 06/03/2016
21 reviews

When this printer arrived I was confident enough that I will be able to assemble it, but things turned out to be different. First of all, I faced problem with the leveling of the bed as I found it really confusing and even after my best efforts I was not able to get the perfect bed.

I managed somehow then the printer started working fine. After using it for almost a month it started to stop midway while printing and finally I called the customer support. Now, they have finally realized that there are some issues with the main board of the printer. They have promised to replace it soon. I hope I get to use this printer soon.

Russo on 04/01/2016
21 reviews
Ordered the printer in December, after a month of usage it kept stopping mid way while printing and hence I called the customer support. After a lot of brain storming they found out that the main board had an issue and they are still replacing it to me..
Kumki on 23/12/2015
21 reviews

The printer has a decent build volume of 190x170x200 and with easy assembling and up to date instructions the printer is a great option for anyone looking to buy a 3d printer.

The only drawback is its quality
Lori Ross on 13/12/2015
21 reviews

The printer works well but the left and right extruders are not in line and hence the left seems to bumps into the print and printing was not perfect. I called the customer support but they were not very helpful.

The software is useless hence I got the simplify 3d to slice my 3d designs.

Remember that you would need more investment once you have got this printer.

John Stocks on 11/09/2015
21 reviews
Dual Exturders, Auto leveling and Multi filament compatibility are the highlighted features. I was using Folgertech kossel delta 3d printer, good product but basic model and only less features. Geeetech G2 has more advanced functions and worth for the price. Very happy about the purchase.