Gloria G. Wimberly


When this printer arrived I was confident enough that I will be able to assemble it, but things turned out to be different. First of all, I faced problem with the leveling of the bed as I found it really confusing and even after my best efforts I was not able to get the perfect bed.

I managed somehow then the printer started working fine. After using it for almost a month it started to stop midway while printing and finally I called the customer support. Now, they have finally realized that there are some issues with the main board of the printer. They have promised to replace it soon. I hope I get to use this printer soon.



Ordered the printer in December, after a month of usage it kept stopping mid way while printing and hence I called the customer support. After a lot of brain storming they found out that the main board had an issue and they are still replacing it to me..



The printer has a decent build volume of 190x170x200 and with easy assembling and up to date instructions the printer is a great option for anyone looking to buy a 3d printer.

The only drawback is its quality

Lori Ross


The printer works well but the left and right extruders are not in line and hence the left seems to bumps into the print and printing was not perfect. I called the customer support but they were not very helpful.

The software is useless hence I got the simplify 3d to slice my 3d designs.

Remember that you would need more investment once you have got this printer.

Kyle R Boyd


I have two other 3D printers, and this was my third. This was the first one I have purchased that was built from a kit. The kit arrived in 12 days and there were delays in shipment, I had to call the seller 2wice to get the exact delivery status update.

Once the printer was delivered and unboxed it was operational within an hour, the printer came with an auto bed calibration and did not need the extra set-up time needed to level and calibrate the print bed.

The Printer looks solid and the parts used look high quality. I ordered the one with dual extruder and have tested prints that use both the extruders at the same time, the results were satisfactory. The heated bed did not work immediately and I had to call the seller to get that fixed, they were responsive enough and guided me with instructions to connect the proper connectors to get it working.

I managed to get good print from this 3D printer - I will say that it is as good as other brand name 3D printer at significant lower price.

I so with I wish that there was no delay with the shipment; it made me loose a print job.