Kyle R Boyd on 04/08/2015
21 reviews
I have two other 3D printers, and this was my third. This was the first one I have purchased that was built from a kit. The kit arrived in 12 days and there were delays in shipment, I had to call the seller 2wice to get the exact delivery status update.

Once the printer was delivered and unboxed it was operational within an hour, the printer came with an auto bed calibration and did not need the extra set-up time needed to level and calibrate the print bed.

The Printer looks solid and the parts used look high quality. I ordered the one with dual extruder and have tested prints that use both the extruders at the same time, the results were satisfactory. The heated bed did not work immediately and I had to call the seller to get that fixed, they were responsive enough and guided me with instructions to connect the proper connectors to get it working.

I managed to get good print from this 3D printer - I will say that it is as good as other brand name 3D printer at significant lower price.

I so with I wish that there was no delay with the shipment; it made me loose a print job.