Gutierrez on 02/09/2016
37 reviews
I read it in many reviews that it is a low quality printer. But I found it economical so I ordered it. But I have also realized that the printer is below average. It is not worth buying. Initially the printer worked fine but as time passed the printing quality which was already not very impressive started to decrease. I started getting less accurate print outs and that after investing so much of time on each print.
S. Mazurek on 28/08/2016
37 reviews
I am not new to 3D printers as I already own two. But this time I wanted a 3D printer which can print excellent models on PLA. And I am so happy that the ordered it. When I started printing on PLA I was amazed to see such outstanding results. The self-leveling feature of the printer makes my work a lot easier, saving a lot of my time. The printing speed is also good and I am able to print expected print outs on time. Recommended to everyone!
Charmaine on 16/07/2016
37 reviews
When I ordered the printer I had no idea that it will be very easy to use and operate. I decided to manage the assembling part on my own so that I can get to know how the printer works. The assembling of this printer was an easy task as all the parts which got delivered along the printer are in good condition. The only problem which I have with the printer is its printing quality which is not that good. I cannot use the printer for my office work but my kids use it for their DIY projects. They are happy with the printer and enjoy printing on it.
Jorge N. Clemens on 18/06/2016
37 reviews
I read all the reviews about this printer online before ordering it. When I received the printer I found nothing good in this printer. I don’t know why the printer got so many good reviews. First of all, the printer was difficult to assemble and I took my friends help to assemble it as it was getting very tough for me to assemble it on my own. Initially the printer worked fine but then it turned out to be a low quality machine. The printing quality which was already an average one decreased. The software which was not up to date started making things difficult for me.
Anne M. Brady on 07/06/2016
37 reviews

This 3D printer is a blessing for me. It’s cheap, is equipped with excellent features and works really well.

The printer comes with self-assembly DIY full kit which allows you to install the 3D printer and also allows you to print by PLA without any need of the Heatbed which is an amazing feature offered by this 3D printer.

For newbies like me, the printer also offers self-leveling which makes it easier for you to operate the printer. The print quality is excellent and with the available of heated bed you can also print the ABS.

Highly impressed and satisfied!