Michael M. Cruz on 27/05/2016
37 reviews

Yes, the printer got delivered on time and it is my second 3D printer. All the parts are just of fine quality as there is nothing too impressive about them. The assembling part was not that difficult as I already have a 3D printer. The printer worked fine for few days but after one month I faced certain issues.

The speed got very slow and the quality of the prints decreased. I also figured out that the software is not up to date and lacks a lot of recent features. I am not happy with my purchase.

Morton S. Keefer on 18/05/2016
37 reviews
My new 3D printer does everything I need it to do. I love the build and the quality of prints it gives. It is self-leveled and this made my job a lot easier. This open-source printer is perfect to get my job done. My kids have also started using it as it is simple and safe to run. They also seem to have a lot of fun while using it. I am happy- it came just as expected!
Elsie Keiser on 09/05/2016
37 reviews
This 3D printer is the greatest printer I’ve ever seen. It works incredibly fast and gives accurate prints. The printer was delivered to me faster than I expected. The items came well organized- everything in place. What I really like is the stl format which allows copying the prints by me and the upgradable heated bed which helped in ABS printing. It’s a good printer for every use. I would recommend it to everyone!
Wm B. Millsap on 03/05/2016
37 reviews

As I wanted a 3D printer which is easy to assemble so I read many reviews online and finally decided to order this one.

To my relief this printer was actually easy to assemble and got delivered with all the necessary parts. Although the printing quality is average so you should not expect excellent quality prints.

The printer works fine for me and as I am working with PLA so the final results are very impressive. I would recommend this printer to those who do not want to spend much time on the assembling process. 

Lorena Kimbler on 21/04/2016
37 reviews

This printer worked great when I printed two, three prints but when I tried to print chunks, it failed. The speed got too slow and the filament broke. I had to fix it and then left it for a while, and after that it started working in a better way.

Pros - Self-leveling, Open-source, Supports PLA and ABS, Good prints

            Cons - Few bugs in the software, not as high-grade, lacks consistency

I am giving 3 stars for all the issues I faced initially. Overall, it’s a nice printer.