James Turner on 10/04/2016
37 reviews

My wife knows nothing about 3D printers as she has never used one. Since I wanted to gift her a printer for her DIY and art projects, I thought of gifting her something which is easy to use.

I searched a lot on the internet and finally came across this one. Yes, the printer took me nearly 5 DAYS to assemble and requires a lot of patience.

This printer is cheap and the printing quality is not that good too. But my wife liked it and is comfortable working with it now.

Dorothy Perry on 23/03/2016
37 reviews

A printer which is easy to assemble

Although I know a lot about 3D printers and when I read all the reviews about this printer I was really worried about assembling it on my own.

But when it arrived I was able to assemble it on my own as it came with clear instructions and also all parts were dimensionally accurate. 

The printer is an average one with reasonable printouts and functionality. The printing speed which is 50-100 mm/s is impressive and the price is also very reasonable.

Lam Louis on 13/03/2016
37 reviews

Once you get all the parts shipped correctly & spend a day at least assembling it, it's great, just be ready for some minor heads aches.

Sunhokey customer service is pretty good about answering questions but their directions & video for assembly & set up are vague & need some updating.

For $300, it is best 3d printer in delta series.

Hopkins on 02/03/2016
37 reviews

When I bought this, I knew nothing about 3D printers. I'd never used one, and I'd never even seen one. But I've always been fascinated by the idea, and read 100's of reviews until I decided on this printer.

The printer took me around 4 days to assemble and required lots of patience to do so, My initial experience is that if you are new to the technology try and avoid a kit as it can be really difficult to assemble.

So after 4 days of building, rebuilding, tinkering, and fiddling around with the printer, I installed the Cura software. It was remarkably easy to set up (that was a relief). I went to thingiverse and clicked the download button on a random small object and followed the print specs listed on the website. And I had my very own dynasore.

Ava Davis on 24/02/2016
37 reviews

A printer which is economical

This printer is definitely worth the money and offers high functionality. Initially I faced problem while gluing up the frame of the printer but then I glued the nuts tight and the problem was solved. The print outs are really impressive and lively.  A great printer! Highly recommended!