Daniel Taylor on 02/02/2016
37 reviews

A good quality printer with STL file

3D printers are new to me and this is the first one I own. I had no idea about its parts and the whole process of assembling the parts gave me a headache. But the minute I was done with it, the printer was ready to use and I got really good print outs too. The printer is an excellent choice for Maker and DIY funs.

The printer is affordable as compared to other 3D printers available online.

Paige on 20/01/2016
37 reviews

This printer is worth the money. That being said it is a cheap printer:

The printer does a great job once it's set up properly. I purchase mine in October last year and after the initial issues with getting this thing together, it has really worked great.

Don’t forget to get the heated bed upgrade which is just $9 extra as it makes the printer work with hard plastics like abs.

Some tips to use the printer efficiently:

Spray some wd40 on the rods and clean it with a piece of paper towel to limit skewing.

Glue the nuts into the frame parts before assembly; it will speed up the frame construction considerately

Anthony Thomas on 03/01/2016
37 reviews

A printer with DIY full Kit

Apart from its good functionality and easy usage, the best part about this 3D printer is that it comes with the self-assembly DIY full kit which lets you install a full 3D printer and you are also able to print by PLA.

The printer also comes with connectivity options like USB & SD card and the layer resolution is 100 microns. My son recently used this printer for his school project and he got appreciated for the good work.

Jason Birtch on 31/12/2015
37 reviews

Things to know before purchasing this or any other DIY 3D Printer.

  1. This is an extremely new technology and not meant for regular consumers as it needs a lot of patience and perseverance before getting good prints.
  2. The 3D Printers are not print and forget machines like your desktop printers, they need continuous watch and a print can go bad at even 99%.
  3. You are buying a cheap replacement for commercial printers so do not expect it to have high grade build materials.
  4. The Injected molded parts becomes loose with time as there is wear and tear on them.
  5. Working with PLA is lot easier than working with ABS as the heated bed needs a lot of R&D to get the right settings.

Coming back to this printer, It's a good machine but as I said above dont expect much at this price, if you remember this and lower your expectations you would be happy with your purchase,.

Evan on 27/12/2015
37 reviews
An average printer with all postives and negatives in it.. Not a satisfied as Sunhokey prusa i3