Josh on 22/12/2015
37 reviews
I bought one a few weeks ago. I received it pretty quick and nothing was damaged. I started to work on it though and the instructions could be better along with the English. The videos it comes with as well are at terrible angles and a lot of the time you see someone's hand doing some work. On top of that I was also shorted some screws and a micro switch, so I went out and bought those.
Star on 06/12/2015
37 reviews

All parts have been very successful with very good dimensional accuracy and appearance. I am now planning to build some things with some exotic materials; I am hoping I get good quality.

Worth buying

Maggi on 23/11/2015
37 reviews

The printer is easy to assemble and the instructions were great, I did not need to get help from forums as I could manage to get it together myself.

The 3d printer was able to give some great prints but last month the printers power supply fried and had to call the customer support to exchange it for me, They did oblige but the second one did not work for more than a week. After researching a bit I realized that the power supply was not up to the caliber to handle the power needed by the printer with a heated bed and thus had to spend more money getting an upgrade. So while purchasing the printer keep this in mind.

Ben Wang on 18/11/2015
37 reviews
The Sunhokey delta kit has great value, The shipping was quick and although the instructions are a little lacking, produced good prints. There were some parts missing from the kit, but it was resolved quickly by their customer service.
William Wood on 15/11/2015
37 reviews

I have been using this printer from past few days and it has never given any trouble to me. When it got delivered to my office, it came with clean and robust parts which was quite impressive.

The self-assembly DIY full Kit which comes along with the printer lets you install the full 3D printer and you can also print by PLA. My colleagues also use this printer in the office and they are also very happy with the way it works. I have recommended it to them too and we are planning to buy 1 more for our office.