Tank Awad


Printer works fine but sometime the plastic extruder cools down quickly and it tends to collapse causing failed prints.

The plastic parts of the printer are actually 3d Printed parts. I double that they will last long, but the good thing is I have already printed them on the printer.

The auto leveling and the LCD and works well.

Shawn Grover


Surprisingly, this cheap printer seems to be rather good. This is not my first 3D Printer, so I expected some issues. The only real issue is that I didn't have quite enough M3-16 bolts. I was able to work around that though for now by not mounting the electronics and power supply, or using 2 bolts where 3 where required. Once I hooked up the electronics, it just worked and the first prints came out very good at 0.1mm. There is a problem with getting my prints to print in the center of the plates, but that is more likely an issue on my end getting my home offsets right. This is not a "out of the box printing" experience, but with a little patience and care this printer has the potential to be a work horse. One note, remember to check the power supply and make sure it is set to correct input (110V / 220V) via the switch on the side. I thought I had a dead power supply at first.



Dont worry about acrylic quality, this kit has good quality acrylic which is strong enough, a steady printer but certainly need support help and they're quite supportive as well. Thanks to Peter sale representative who recommended this product..



For an affordable price this could be the best printer kit with features. I bought this printer with auto level and large print area and I should say although I struggled in the beginning things are better now, I was not impressed with print plate with scratches here and there but since we have to paste masking tape over the plate there has been no problem. If you have patience then you can purchase..



Great now that I have it up and running. Any potential buyers out in sure that you do your research before purchasing, especially if it's your first 3D printer. This is a great price, not super completed to put together. There are tons of sites, videos to show you how. If all fails use Google.