Brant Richards


The directions need to be better but the hardware is good.



To be precise not the best and not the worst, its an average printer and pretty much worthy for its price.. It works and prints as well.. Go for it!

Micah Jacobs


This is a great first printer if you are looking at getting into 3D printing, Warning you must be mechanically inclined to assemble this printer, the video was straight forward it shows you Every piece you need to put together but no verbal instructions. The wiring diagram for the Board is very intuitive. It took 8 hours to fully assemble the printer another hour to clean up the wiring the way I wanted it then a few more hours to tweak things to get everything working correctly. The print software works but i plan on upgrading because i would like to be able to tweak more settings, the nozzle and bearings are not the greatest and i plan on upgrading but for the price i cant complain.



Flaws here and there from extruder to nozzle need to kick them but not a bad printer to purchase

Jason Hilbun


EXCELLENT PRINTER! easy to assemble, all the parts and tools that you need to build it are in the box. if you are a newbie or you want to start in the 3d printer world, this printer is totally recommended .