Writing this review as to inform future buyers. This item is sold as a kit and it’s not a plug and play Printer. I was new to 3D printing and DIY and assembling this printer was a real head ache. It’s not the fault of the printer or the manuals received, I have a hard time following instruction manuals and that made me err a lot of times getting this printer together.

You could buy this printer if you enjoy a good puzzle but it’s certainly not something that I enjoyed.

Once the printer was setup it works fine, the printer bed is really big. I was able to print ABS, PLA and flexible plastic. The printer looks good quality, and it prints but you really have to know your slicer.



The Printer is great but I was unlucky as my printer’s belt broke in a week and the replacement took more than a week to arrive. I feel the printer Is good but because the printer bed moves the prints lose their quality.

Cristian Herrera


Excellent service, this printer is great. Everything worked exactly as advertised.

Yogi Toliax


Great price, well built kit, all parts accounted for and well packed, would recommend and would purchase again, documentation was ok needs improvement, lots of spare screws washers nuts.

Greg Watkins


Shipping and delivery was timely. All there. Went together ok. Had trouble getting Sanguinololu to work so I used an Arduino RepRap that I had for another project, it works great. I've been printing parts all day (30parts so far) and they all look great. It took 4 tries on the 40mm cube to get all set up. Using Slic3r with 's config.(thanks gCreat). I Don't think you could buy all the parts separate for $350