Great now that I have it up and running. Any potential buyers out in sure that you do your research before purchasing, especially if it's your first 3D printer. This is a great price, not super completed to put together. There are tons of sites, videos to show you how. If all fails use Google.

Raj Mehta


Reliable Machine, Great Prints, Good place to purchase the Printer.

I had a few experience with 3d printer before buying this printer, and was ready to work and understand the printer before getting right print quality. 3D Printers as off now are not mature devices and for people who are looking for a print and forget like the ones we have with our desktop printer are up for a real surprise. But this printer certainly comes close to being as good at it can get.

The printer comes with SD card to and wired connectivity, I recommend that people use SD card as that makes sure all the data from the G code is sent without interruption. I have also made an acrylic closed enclosure so that the heat is maintained inside the printer.


You cannot find a better printer for the price this printer sells!!

Brant Richards


The directions need to be better but the hardware is good.



Dont worry about acrylic quality, this kit has good quality acrylic which is strong enough, a steady printer but certainly need support help and they're quite supportive as well. Thanks to Peter sale representative who recommended this product..



To be precise not the best and not the worst, its an average printer and pretty much worthy for its price.. It works and prints as well.. Go for it!