Grace Jones


Happy with my purchase!

I am in constructing business and I like this 3D printer a lot. It makes my work a lot easier as compared to the previous models that I have used in past.

Apart from delivering amazing prints, the printer is economical. It came with simple to understand instructions and I assembled the machine easily.  The Max Micron - Auto Leveling prusa i3 printer works smoothly without any hassle and power supply issues.

Olivia Clark



I am an Architecture student and have dealt with numerous 3D printers. Unlike most 3D printers, the Max Micron - Auto Leveling prusa i3 kit works smoothly and saves a lot of time.

The printing speed is impressive and the prints delivered by this 3D printer are of finest quality.

The best thing what I liked about this machine is its automatic and adjustable projector which lends a stable beam and excellent precision when it comes to printing.

Samuel Wilson


I ordered this Max Micron last month. The shipping was on time. But the major issue with this printer that the accuracy of Z-axis is not that good. And I got disappointed with its very short warranty period which is just about 6 months where most of the companies give at least 1 yr warranty.

Lily Smith


The Max Micron - Auto Leveling prusa i3 kit is an excellent printer with commendable print quality. I like its compatibility with softwares like Repetier host and slic3r. The only thing that irritated me about this printer was the instructions manual. It was very confusing and took a lot of time to assemble it. Even the customer support was not supportive.

Lisa Watkins


I am an Architecture and this printer is a great choice that I ordered for my models. It just made my work easier to represent in front of my clients. I really liked its adjustable and automatic projector that provides a stable beam and high level of precision in printing by using multiple filaments.

I have begun to love to work on it. My colleagues are also impressed with its printing quality and precision and want to buy from online 3D printer store because of their great collection and reasonable rates.