John Robinson


The Prusa i3 is without doubt an excellent printer with great print quality. I am very much impressed with MK8 extruder and its compatibility with software like slic3r and Repetier host.  The printer is capable of giving n-number of prints perfectly. I got all the prints without any flaws.

It is a great kit but hard to assemble. It is not a fault of the printer but the manual with this printer I got was difficult to follow. Took lots of time to assemble accurately!

Samantha Rimsky


The best thing that I liked about this 3D printer is a variety of features that too at an economical market price. This machine has a sturdy look and it also works efficiently. I liked its printing speed and the quality of prints delivered—exact replica of the original one. I also liked the acrylic casing of the printer, which is pretty strong. It is a lightweight printer, very easy to carry. I highly recommend it to beginners who want to try their hand in the area of 3D printing.

Alice Gordon


I really liked the software of this 3D printer. This machine is economical and delivers amazing prints. The instructions mentioned on the box were quite simple to follow and I assembled the entire machine within few hours.

I am an architecture student and I have dealt with many 3d printers. Unlike most printers, it works smoothly and have no power supply issues. The acrylic casing is also very impressive. I had a satisfactory 3D printing experience.  

Gary Sanders


Since the day this printer has arrived, I’ve been in such a good mood. Now, I don’t have to wait for hours to get my prints. The calibration process was a great success.

Then, getting the amazing prints of exceptional quality was a real surprise. I am just floored by the quality of the prints.

The offline printing support helps in printing whenever I want to.  It is a versatile printer— supports Windows and Mac OS X, can print on PLA, ABS and wood as well.

Monika Hazel


The auto levelling unit works well and I am also impressed by the speed of this 3d printer but I was expecting more. The prints delivered are average but its fine. It took me some time to build the kit as the instructions mentioned on the packaging box were not clear but it worked well once it started.

I really liked the LCD screen that showed clear instructions and made it easy to work. I had a pretty fair 3D printing experience.