David Carter


I got this printer shipped quickly. It gives good quality prints. I‘d give extra points for the strong aluminum sliders, MK8 metal extruder and compatibility with a number of software including Cura and Slic3.

I found a major issue with the XY positioning which consumed quite a lot of time in re-setting and the Z precision is not that good. But because of its build quality and versatility, I am pretty satisfied with this one!

Suzan Collins


I was looking for a 3D printer for printing models of mechanical components, such as gears and pulleys for my trainees. After a lot of surfing and research, I found Max Micron.

I use this printer more than the average user because I work in the manufacturing field. I am really satisfied with this printer. It employs the FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology using the PLA or ABS filament.

The build volume and material is great. It is a perfect 3D printing machine offering ultimate user experience. A great purchase!



The printer delivers prints!!!. but wait let me complete my reveriew acrylic quality is not up to the level of expectation even the filament quality I bought separately from Alibaba didnt impressed me.. Everytime I contact the support team they are taking 3 days to respond and solve my issues but wait didnt disappointed.. Print plate and extruder quality is really good..

Jeff Turner


I am happy with the printer; I had never built anything like this before, completely new to 3D printing and had ALOT of research to do. I got this printer as I wanted to learn the mechanics of the printer before learning how to use the printer.

The printer was available for cheap but what I got looks pretty sturdy machine. The Acrylic casing for the printer is pretty strong and holds the pieces well. Assembly was pretty easy if you go by the logical sequence and follow the instruction by the book.

The printer is not too heavy and can be transported easily, and the printer does not make a lot of noise while printing. I have printed lot of parts on it and have not got an issue with failed prints.

The software is basic but it does the task, The printer uses standard filaments which are available on almost all e stores these days.