Tank Awad


Printer works fine but sometime the plastic extruder cools down quickly and it tends to collapse causing failed prints.

The plastic parts of the printer are actually 3d Printed parts. I double that they will last long, but the good thing is I have already printed them on the printer.

The auto leveling and the LCD and works well.

Jeff Turner


I am happy with the printer; I had never built anything like this before, completely new to 3D printing and had ALOT of research to do. I got this printer as I wanted to learn the mechanics of the printer before learning how to use the printer.

The printer was available for cheap but what I got looks pretty sturdy machine. The Acrylic casing for the printer is pretty strong and holds the pieces well. Assembly was pretty easy if you go by the logical sequence and follow the instruction by the book.

The printer is not too heavy and can be transported easily, and the printer does not make a lot of noise while printing. I have printed lot of parts on it and have not got an issue with failed prints.

The software is basic but it does the task, The printer uses standard filaments which are available on almost all e stores these days.

Fabian Franz


I was skeptical about my purchasing decision until the 3D Printer was delivered to me. It took around 5 days for me to receive the printer and the assembly took 2 more days. I was able to follow the instructions and with a little bit of DIY skills I was able to fulfill what seems like an impossible task when I got the printer. The acrylic and the metal parts supplied with the printer are truly high quality and the LCD is clear and readable, the auto bed leveling feature works wonders and should be made a must have feature for all printers.

The manufacturer supplied stl files for all the plastic parts used in the printer which is great because it can save a lot of time in case some things break I can re print them. I would like to thank the manufacturer for making such a great printer and having a great customer service department which are ready to help whenever you need it. (I forgot to mention that I had called them during the assembly of the printer).

Cristian Herrera


This is an excellent 3d printer for students and everyone for to learn more about of the 3d printers.