The printer arrived in just 4 working days and the product was well packed and delivered safely. I expected the kit to be difficult to build when I ordered the painter. It was pretty manageable in the beginning but I had to seek wiring instructions online.

After all the small issues I had with the printer I finally got it working just to find out that the LCD screen goes haywire constantly. I called the customer support and they replaced it for me.

The printing quality from the printer is as good as I could get from any professional printer and the aluminum used to make the printer looks pretty sturdy, so I feel the printer would last long.

Billy Lambas


The printer is not very easy to assemble as it comes with a million pieces un assembled. As a novice to 3D printing, it took me forever to get them together. After working for a lot of hours and speaking with a lot of guys at the customer support I was finally able to get the printer working.

The printer needs a lot of settings I was printing confidently and regularly getting good prints out of the instrument. Printing PLA was lot easier than ABS as it never seems to stick to the printer bed.

I could not recommend this printer to newbies like me.



Once you get all the parts shipped correctly & spend a day at least assembling it, it's great, just be ready for some major heads aches. Fortunately I was a computer tech & IT guy for years so I have the tools & experience assembling something like this & working with so many tiny screws.

But still it was a challenge due to the bad instructions. The shipping took about a week, must faster than promised. Took another week to get the screws that were missing in the original box of 40 or so parts. Their customer service is pretty good about answering questions but their directions & video for assembly & set up are vague & need some updating.

Zach Hollifield


This is an amazing kit for the price. Some reviews mention that they had parts come misprinted or not in working condition. You have to understand that this is coming from China and things like that happen. With that said, I had no problems with the kit at all. I would recommend flashing the board with Marlin firmware and using Repetier though. Print quality is top notch once calibrated.



I bought the printer a few days ago and wanted to make sure I know the printer properly before I could write a review. Here’s what I think about the printer and the purchase experience.

Pros :