My printer run 24/7 building parts for my business. it is trouble free. i install a clean nozzle and recalibrate nozzle height every week. that's it. I run the cheapest abs available and have no problems at all.Print quality is good.

Ovi Spacid


The unit arrived within a week of placing the order and was well packaged, this machine is just OK and the instructions are very marginal.

The printer comes with heated bed and a decent lcd which displays instruction quite clearly. I printed a few things I downloaded from thingiverse but after a few prints the Bed support frame bent after printing ABS on it. I called the customer services and they sent a metal frame for replacement. The printer seems to be working fine since then.

The print quality is excellent for the price. The customer service was both quick and helpful especially from James.



It is an okay starter, but seems like it could use improvements.

Brad Jensen


The printer shipped fast and was fairly simple to assemble. The included instructions were a little lacking but included good pics. Anyone who is fairly competent shouldn't have a problem assembling the printer. Mine had a minor issue with the tuning that I should have been able to fix myself but due to an old age laps I ended up contacting customer support. They responded promptly with great info and more pics to help me get it running. I have printed several items and been very happy with the quality of the prints.

Rachel Wisconsin


This printer works at great speed and I am too happy as a customer to have it at such a cheap market price. The auto leveling bed functions well, the metal extruder is also great and smooth aluminum frame works well.

This one printer has it all, that I was looking for.

I am highly impressed by the quality of prints delivered. Being in the prototyping business, I always desire the printed models to be exact replica of the original one and Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Auto leveling Prusa i3 gave me what I wanted. Amazing 3D printing kit!!!