Anne Roman


This 3D printer was my gift to my younger daughter. She has just started her CAD training and I thought what could be the best time than now to gift her this printer. The printer is easy to operate and gives good quality prints. My daughter is happy that I made this purchase and so am I. This is a good choice for a 3D printer for training purposes or to have DIY fun.

Shirl Canfield


I am very impressed with this printer. It came packaged well. I opened the box, fixed it and to my amazement, it was running and giving perfect prints in less than an hour. Its LCD display is very clean and fast. This is the one of the highest precision 3D printers I’ve worked on. My friend and I create something new every day while having a lot of fun with it. Highly recommended!

George Stockwell


I purchased the Max Micron on recommendation of a friend at work. So far, it’s working well. One thing I really like about this printer is its sturdy metal frame. It is quite robust and I am pretty sure it will work the best without wearing out easily.

This 3D printer offers high efficiency and the prints are also coming out good. I find issues with the Z-axis. I wish they could have made things easier while providing accurate information in the manual.

Overall, the printer is good. A wise purchase for your 3D printing needs.

George Kennedy


Planning to order a 3D printer? Go for this one. The printer is highly functional and comes equipped with LCD display, power supply, motherboard, MK8 nozzle and MK3 hot bed. The hardware material used to make this printer looks very stable at the time of taking the prints also.

There are no loose ends observed until not and I must say I am highly impressed. I have printed many prints until now and the printer is able to maintain its printing speed which is 50 to 150 mm/sec. There is the best 3D printer available online.

Tricia M. Massengale


The printer is really fantastic and really cheap. I think this printer is a good quality printer to start my 3D printing with. As I am not very much aware about 3D printers, I had some issues while assembling and while learning the whole process of working with this printer and I was really amazed to see the excellent customer service.

These guys helped me with patiently and solved even my minor issues. I am going to buy one more printer from this website for my friend and I am sure he is going to like it too.