My printer came in a day earlier. It was a good printer to begin my 3D printing experience with!

Moreover their customer service is superb! I experienced some issues and they replied both in a timely manner and suggested solutions that worked really well! They are friendly and are willing to help with whatever problems you might be having! If you are thinking about buying a printer, I would suggest buying from this website, I know my next printer is coming from them. Have a good day and stay awesome!



This is a fantastic introductory printer! The package comes quickly and is well packaged.

The instructions are very clear (the link to the instructions are in the description). I learned a lot while assembling this printer.

If this is your first printer, make sure that the heat plate is level and try different temperature settings.

I have had some trouble with the heating element leaking - but this is due to my inexperience.

mingfang, li


I got my Max Micron during new year for my sons gift, and we are very happy with it, first, the service is great---they sent the wrong power supply(24v-260w)at first, and I lost order no.(opened the package and through away box which the order paper in it ),I send e-mail to the seller, and he asked the power supply no. and send me the right one (12v-260w)in couple days!! also, the AL-frame is very stable and good-looking we printed some staff seem very accurate! my old son(11 years old) learn a lot!



Hello people, I purchased my Max Micron during the Black Friday deal and got it at an amazing price, the delivery was quick and the 3D Printer was well packed and delivered safely. I managed to get it together in a day; I would strongly suggest people to get the auto bed leveling upgrade along with the printer. The software comes with Cura the open source software and it works well with the printer.

The hardware material used to make this printer looks pretty stable while working as well. I hardly noticed any loose ends so that’s good news. I have quite a few prints using the filaments supplied with the printer and I am super happy with my purchase.

Note: This is a 3D Printer and one needs to get up the learning curve to get the perfect prints.

SeongWon Lim


I purchased this printer after my makerbot failed to work anymore, I was not expecting it to work the way my makerbot worked, but to my surprise I was able to get better prints on my Max Micron than I could on my earlier printer.

This printer sells at 1/3rd of the cost but works like a charm, the only thing I would like to recommend the manufacturers to do is to make a closed enclosure for the printer. When I bought the printer I had a lot of failed prints because the molten plastic used to cool too fast and getting warping effect on the prints.

I made an acrylic enclosure for the printer and that solved all the issues. I would certainly recommend this printer to everyone I know.