Jennifer Henley


Although I loved everything about Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Auto leveling Prusa i3, but what I loved the most is its amazing LCD display that clearly displays all the instructions and its smooth aluminum frame.

The prints supplied are great in quality, highly précised and processed at great speed. The metal extruder also works well.

I was handling a 3D printing project for the very first time and this 3D printer made it so easy for me. I am highly satisfied.

Jason T


The printer was well packed and shipped quickly. Parts fitted excellent (though one required slight filing) Instructions were a little brief but easy to follow, more pictures would have been useful to help (some pictues and drawings in the install guide were outdated/didn't match the kit fully) Had to do/redo a few different steps to get a good build (mostly loosening the lineal bearings to get a true run) and had to make one mod to get the Z-axis to run true (didn't have upper support on stepper motor/rod) which kept Z axis from running true (was skipping).

A couple of small plastic headers (cut-down child medicine plungers) fixed this . All stepper motors, heatbed, hotend came assembled and plug and play. Fast and easy to wire up. Took about 6 hrs from start to finish to build (my first printer) No parts were missing, frame was good quality Aluminium. Still need to get the tuning done correctly to print.

Lotfi Leviaton


Great Printer, but the power supply needs cooling to run stable for large print jobs.

To improve the resolution the z-axis drive should be stabilized. The Heatbed is a little bit weak (max 96 degrees celcius measured on the top of the plate).

The Top plate is not plain at all after first heating (but not so bad that it has to be changed immediately).

Works good with ABS and PLA (I havenĀ“t tested other materials yet). With stabilized Z-Axis drive (so no more wobeling) the resolution with standard settings is great - with a little afterwork the printed parts are nearly to perfect.

Jonathan Gustafson


Love it! This was my first 3d printer and I definitively wanted the kit so I could better understand any issues it might have since I built it myself.

After building it I was ready for my first test print and all the issues I might encounter, but there actually wasn't any. My first print was perfect! I had a couple issues after that though, I think because there was some burnt bit of plastic stuck in the extruder, which was super easy to fix.

There was also an issue with some really crummy painters tape which didn't stick at all, to anything. And also finding a good printing temperature, but after getting some white masking tape and some trial and error everything is super sticky and printing wonderfully.

I was a little hesitant about getting into the 3D printing hobby, since it seems a lot of people were having issues, but I've had a blast building and printing with this thing, with I think very minor issues, which is part of the fun.



I had real fun assembling it and as most of the parts are machine cut it was pretty simple as well. I really learnt a lot about how a 3d printer operates while doing the assembly. I got some good First prints using the printer and the printer also worked pretty silently.